Update 23 - Scalebreaker DLC - August 12

Can’t wait for the next update! It’s set to release with the Scalebreaker DLC on August 12, 2019.

  • Undaunted keys become currency! Undaunted chests become coffers purchasable from a vendor.

“With Undaunted keys now stored as a currency, players regain some inventory space, can narrow their reward possibilities down, and can choose from rewards that are much more clearly labeled,” says Draven. “Additionally, this new approach provides us with much more flexibility for future growth.”

  • I’m not familiar with the bidding system in place for guild leaders to win the guild traders, but it looks like they’re adding the ability to bid on multiple traders.

“While having 10 available bids may seem like a large number, only the highest winning bid will be applied,” explains Draven. “And once a guild has been assigned a guild trader from their highest winning bid, all of their other bids are completely refunded and are no longer factored into the final auction for any other trader.”

  • Multi-crafting! Deconstruct, refine, craft multiple stacks of different items at once.
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That animation for multi-deconstruct indicates that if you pick 5 items with the multiple select and press deconstruct, they all deconstruct at once. The multicraft mod right now queues them in series, so this will indeed speed things up a lot.

I suspect the reason why 3 of the 4 guild traders I have stuff on are not moving product is because they are not winning bids on good locations. Maybe the bidding will improve things.

The undaunted keys have not been an issue for me, but combining them on a single currency tab across all characters would help consolidate them, and I am not sure how well the more expensive chests will work. My son wasted a lot of keys trying to roll Mighty Chudan’s before finally getting them, and a higher odds stack would have been better. Still I think it is random what type of armor is you get.

Anyone know the projected release date of Scalebreaker?

Release date is August 12 for update 23 and the Scalebreaker DLC.

Happy Monday OTG! :sunny: The Scalebreaker DLC is here!

-Undaunted keys are now currency!
-Guild trader multi-bidding

-Walk into any Scalebreaker dungeon and get a FREE hat!

After you gain access to the Scalebreaker dungeons, you can explore the Lair of Maarselok or Moongrave Fane by the following methods:

  • By teleporting directly into the two dungeons from your map
  • By using the Dungeon Finder tool
  • By walking up to the dungeon entrances in the Grahtwood (Lair of Maarselok) and Northern Elsweyr (Moongrave Fane)

Upon entering one of the two new dungeons, you shall receive a Dread-Aurelian Mask, completely free.

More details below.

Do we get it with ESO plus, or do we need to buy the expansion? I know the rule changes go in regardless. I better start the download first thing. I think Alcast redid all of his builds and posted links to the reworks on Reddit today.

All DLCs are available to ESO Plus members, so subscribers can play it free.

Or you can buy it in the Crown Store for 1500 Crowns. The Scalebreaker Collector’s Edition DLC is 4000 Crowns.

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Thanks Petalwing. I had to buy Elsewyr so I was not sure on Scalebreaker