Unlocking Pirate Gladius in AC

Hello fellow Citizens and OTGers. Figured I’d post this here in case any of you are looking to unlock the Pirate Gladius - which requires one to complete Pirate Swarm in AC multiplayer. Doing this also unlocks the Pirate Caterpillar. Ping me here or in game if you want to join me in this endeavor. Be forewarned, however, that I am not the best dogfighter in the Verse and this might take a few tries. Bu t I figure the practice is worth the effort regardless. Handle: AngelsOmega.

My handle is cimtaurus and I am happy to assist. So far my record is 17 minutes to completion with a full group of 4.
If you have a specific time we can try and schedule some folks to help. I have friends in Legacy Fleet that would be happy to come join us if we don’t have enough OTG that can make it.

I wouldn’t mind if im around


I wouldn’t mind giving the tires a good kicking

Thanks guys. I got this done not long after posting this, so good to go for the moment. Let’s keep this thread around if anyone does need the help. Practice is always good. :slight_smile: