Undermountain Who's playing

What do you think so far?

I like it, I’m halfway through the campaign at level 75. When I’m done I’ll be in a pickle though. I’ll be 10 levels higher than usual to do Ravenloft and the older campaigns so I can get more boon points.

It’s very lonely on-line though. That’s what sucks about OTG and “General Games”.

I like it also I am making my way through it at level 73 right now. I agree it is very quiet. I find myself checking guild roster periodically the whole time I am in game. I still have a bunch of the campaigns to go back to after I finish undermountain. My favorite class to play has been my wizard and I was afraid that would change with this update but happily it has not.

I just started ravenloft before my business trip. Can’t wait to get back home and play!

Played 2 days, got to level 80 AND seen Avengers End Game! There are a lot of youtubes with strong opinions about the new Mod. I personally have been hitting only the mod stuff, and I just about completed the campaign. The game is definitely more difficult in certain spectrum’s outside of Mod 16. Pet switching, and trying to get better stats seems easier, however refinement can become very expensive. Not sure if you had to before Mod 16, but you MUST use refinement wards to advance them.

At level 80 it becomes running rune grinding. You need to gather runes, then do some kind of refinement for them in order to complete higher level gear grinding. But I have ran without the runes and have 3 end gear levels, which is over 900. I don’t have goo details, but there are 3 daily runs which are called ‘expiditions’ to find magic relics, and I believe these relics can be used for higher gear. You’ll notice while doing the campaign there are rune portals through out undermountain, and those areas drop gear and runes to refine for the ‘expiditions’… that’s about the best I can sum it up.

I put some level 76 gear drops (blue) in the guild bank. I also pulled some older gear and sold for AD, added that to the coffer.

When you all hit 80 maybe we can get catch up with each other and do the expeditions.

Starting a Paladin from the bottom up, I am only level 13 right now. I need to get reinvited back in when I have time.

The community for NW PC has been pretty vocal. The latest May 3 post from lead developer is here… https://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/neverwinter#/discussion/1248017/message-from-the-mimic-king/p1

I’ve had a relatively positive experience with the mod itself. Outside of the mod though, it’s been pretty rough due to the scaling, which seems to be a flat cut when downleveling. I’ve had a harder time doing lower level content than my own level content.
I’m curious to hear your experience leveling new characters.

I have died a few times on my warlock and my paladin to end area bosses while playing solo, especially if the boss has 4 or 5 minions sitting around him I have to take care of also. Like the Devil in the tower where your fighting the hellfire warlocks and summoners in the forest. So the boss has 4 hellfire warlocks, and the boss. Died once to get rid of the warlocks, then killed the boss. But I did blow some healing potions for it also.

Some stuff to get if you log in between now and May 16… https://www.arcgames.com/en/games/neverwinter/news/detail/11147803

OK, i must admit, the Undermountain has been enjoyable, but the rest of the game suffered at it’s hands… Here’s some feedback from Cryptic - https://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/neverwinter#/discussion/1248898/the-state-of-neverwinter-may-21-q-a-stream-recap

It’s slow getting everything back together, When I went to try random queues, I was sorely disappointed. I am still holding back some waiting for better news. Anyone else working through?

I am willing to play with others and get through some of the content. Has to be evening tho… eastern time for me.