Undermountain Expansion! Countdown has begun

There are a lot of youtubers about the expansion creating a lot of different opinions. I am on the fence about it too. But the best youtuber I have come across is this one https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI2HL7kE2nYsCNEbgV3VhCQ/videos she seems to be more professional than the others when it comes to what is involved and really gives good overall outlines of the changes.

Most of the stuff I’ve been sort of “meh” about, such as the pets. Other things are more eyebrow raising, such as scaling the selection of feats and powers. But overall for me is the story and playline. Things like Elemental Evil are enjoyable, where as Chult, and Ravenloft have been “grindy”.
Dungeon master has been my favorite event because of the funny dialog some of those NPCs put you through, and it’s quick and easy to pop in game… do some stuff and leave, plus make progress.

I am stuck on what we want to build with the Guild house though. If people want to progress that. Seems like there is some grind in that as well. There are daily things we have to contribute to get buffs or work towards. Post here if you want to work on some of that stuff too.

The launcher now has a timer for Undermountain. 6 days and some change! Hype!

Aw, I have a business trip next week, so I’ll be out of pocket for 5 days next week. I’ll have to hit the new expansion 4/27