Undaunted Keys ... a question of when

Hello ;

ATM I’m CP 151/152 and if I understand correctly equipment caps at CP160 (I see people at CP810). Been doing one to three Undaunted dailies as time permits … still working through the base story line (been playing 5 weeks now?). I know only I can really decide to use my keys or aim for a dungeon set. Wondering what most have done?

I know I would be looking at STA crit dmg maybe some health : NB bow/bow build.

Thanks - Tom (sabre-OTG)

I’d save the keys till you hit CP 160. After that, then look to see if there are any dungeon monster sets (typically Helm + Shoulder) that you want for your build and identify which dungeon they come from. The chests that the Undaunted pledgemasters (or whatever they are called) sell include the Shoulder item for the listed dungeon. It’s random if you will end up with light/medium/heavy version, so use the keys for the dungeon set shoulder item you want, and then run the Veteran version of the dungeon for your helm.

Once you’ve done that, then spend the keys as you see fit. If you plan to play alternate specs on the same character (tank/dps/heals/pvp) then you may look at the next dungeon set for your next spec, etc.

Edit: Looking up builds on Alcasthq, for Stamina DPS Nightblade good sets seem to be :

Selene - https://eso-sets.com/set/selene
Velidreth - https://eso-sets.com/set/velidreth (This one seems preferred for a bow build)

For PVP: Velidreth or Molag Kena https://eso-sets.com/set/molag-kena

Might do some reading around on alcasthq or other build sites to see what most closely matches your current build for gear set recommendation.

So the undaunted chests will yield a Shoulder item only?

I was thinking I would need multiple undaunted chests to fill 5 of the armor slots. The other 2 slots being monster helm monster shoulder.

On that Alcasthq I’ve been using the Focus NB Bow/Bow as a template. Thank you for the links and information on those sets.


Right, the Undaunted chests are shoulders only as far as I’ve seen. And the monster sets only are for two pieces, shoulder and helm. For the rest there are still other item drops you can get out of the dungeons, but for a lot of the builds they recommend either crafted sets or overland sets (zone bosses, delves, dolmens, etc).

From the Alcasthq all of their builds tend to include 3 recommended sets for that build. Gear Set #1 is basically the top recommendation, Set #2 is an alternative that may be easier to obtain, and Set #3 is the simplest set to get for those just starting out the build at CP 160+.

So looking at the Focus NB build you mentioned, they do suggest Velidreth for the monster set for their top choice. But you may want to start off with Gear Set #3 first and then improve to the top level recommendations from that point. That’s what I did on my Sorc build … went with #3 and upgraded as I had the opportunity.

Thank you again for such a perfect clear explanation!

If you do some PVP in Cyrodiil you can use your Alliance points (or gold) to purchase set items from the Golden Vendor in Cyrodiil. I used AP points to get the Velidreth head piece for my StamPlar (bow build). I only had to use undaunted keys to buy the shoulder piece.

So far I really like the Velidreth set with my Bow StamPlar.

Thank you. I actually got a velidreth helm, think it was a light version, drop this weekend for me. My weekends are tues + wed ATM , it changes. Anyways, was thinking of grabbing the shoulder piece and trying it out. At least to see what the proc looks like!

Golden vendor in cyrodiil. Will check it out! thanks

I’ve never even seen the Golden vendor, but then again, I don’t go into Cyrodiil that much.

Looking up on Google, Adhazabi Aba-daro only appears during the weekend from 12 am GMT Saturday through Monday and the items offered change each time. Also, they are priced in the 150K to 250K gold range (or 300K to 500K AP).