Undaunted Celebration - Nov 14 - Nov 18

The Undaunted event kicks off tomorrow morning at 10am EST and runs until Monday, 10am EST. The Undaunted adventuring faction can be found outside of the factions starter cities (Vulkhel Guard, Daggerfall, or Davon’s Watch) with repeatable daily quests to the 4-man dungeons.

For the uninitiated, the Undaunted faction is a band of less-than-merry adventurers that lurks around hangs out near taverns and camps the starter cities looking for suckers seeking mighty heroes. Upon reaching level 45, you’ll get mail inviting you to join or you can go to the Undaunted camps to grab the starting quest ( One of the Undaunted ). Repeatable daily quests for the Pledges are available after you finish that quest.

Undaunted reward boxes drop from the final dungeon boss in each of the 4-man dungeons and the first box you receive each day will possibly have special “Opal” versions of the classic Monster Weapon, Mask, and Shoulder styles for the following bosses:

  • Bloodspawn
  • Illambris
  • Engine Guardian
  • Troll King

Additionally, you can earn three Event Tickets the first time you slay any final boss in any dungeon each day!

The new Pure-Snow Berries of Budding will also be available along with the Pure-Snow Berries of Bloom (from Witches’ Fest).

For specifics and more info on the Opal monster outfit styles, check out the news link below:

List of Undaunted dailes and dungeons:

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The event has been turned off due to technical difficulties…Stay tuned.

Here’s the latest update for Nov 20, 2019:

While we continue to test the fixes for the Activity Finder, we’d like to share our current plan for these fixes and the Undaunted Event:

  • Once the previously mentioned fixes for the Activity Finder have been verified by QA, we’ll publish them to all platforms and megaservers (no downtime will be required for this to happen). The idea is to initially have these on the Live megaservers during a time when there’s no active in-game event.
  • After these changes are confirmed to be stable, we’ll look at a time that we can bring the Undaunted event back for everyone to obtain the items. The current thinking is this will happen sometime in December, after the Dawn of the Dragonguard event from 11/26-12/9.
  • It’s also worth noting that while Dawn of the Dragonguard has a dungeon component, its reliance on the Activity Finder is minimal.

The timeline above is subject to change based on how testing goes and how the fixes perform in a live environment. If anything changes, we’ll be sure to let everyone know. We’ll post in this thread once we have more information on when the hotfix for the Activity Finder fixes will be going live.

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Latest update - Dec 11, 2019: (—additional 3 Event Tickets for killing a boss during New Life Fest—)

"Thanks to everyone for your continued patience while we continued to work out some details on our end. As of this time, we still plan to re-enable the Undaunted Event, but we’re moving it out of this year and into mid-January so we can continue working on some additional fixes for the Activity Finder.

You may be wondering how this will affect the remaining Event Tickets you can collect for this year. We plan to make up for this by making a slight change to the upcoming New Life Festival. During this event, in addition to the normal acquisition of Event Tickets, you can kill any boss in the game to receive an additional 3 Event Tickets. In this case, “any boss” includes all delve bosses, world bosses, Arena final bosses, dungeon final bosses, and Trial final bosses. This change will net you 5 total Tickets per day.

Thanks again for your patience, and we’ll let you know when we have an exact date for the Undaunted Event returning in January."

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