Undaunted Celebration Jan 9 - Jan 13, 2020 @ 10EST

The Undaunted Celebration starts Thursday 10amEST, Jan 9 to test the latest fixes for the Activity Finder.

To participate in this event, take on Tamriel’s four-player dungeons by using the Dungeon Finder tool or by traveling to a dungeon with your group. Normal or Veteran difficulty, it’s up to you!


When you defeat a dungeon’s final boss during the Undaunted Celebration, it’ll drop a special Undaunted Reward Box in addition to its usual loot. In these containers, you can discover all kinds of useful and valuable items, such as Undaunted Keys, Undaunted plunder, motif pages, repair kits, transmute crystals, riding lessons, and more.

However, that’s not all! During this event only, you also have the chance to acquire special “Opal” versions of the classic Monster Weapon, Mask, and Shoulder styles for the following bosses:

  • Bloodspawn
  • Illambris
  • Engine Guardian
  • Troll King


When participating in the Undaunted Celebration, you can earn three Event Tickets the first time you slay any final boss in any dungeon each day. Here’s a list of goods available at the Impresario:

  • All four Indrik Feathers (for summoning a Nascent Indrik)
  • Opal Monster Outfit Styles (including Weapons, Masks, and Shoulders)

Note : There are no new Indrik Berries arriving with the Undaunted Celebration, but they are coming! Be sure to stock up on Indrik Feathers and Event Tickets for the next, soon-to-be-announced event