Ugly XP Changes with 43

There are a few things coming soon between the 2nd Sharn Raid (haven’t even done the first one yet), Major Epic Destiny changes , new EPLs just to torture Seybold, Pale Master revamp, and some new dungeons. Additionally though they are planning on substantially revamping XP. Remember the days where every time after the first your quest XP went down? They are back to that for quest optionals. There are some other changes as well, that is just the most horrible. The top link is the main Lammania forum, different threads for different planned changes.

Thanks for posting about the tokens concern in the thread. At this point that will be a major concern for me since my guy is almost to 20 and I was trying to figure out how to start earning tokens to prep for a ReIncarnation. I was leaning toward running Devil assualt every couple days around doing something else (when I get free time back to play) but if the tokens are part of the ransack penalty that is going to leave me stalled as I don’t have a lot of the Epic Adventure packs.


You mis-understood what I was saying. Tokens are not part of the ransack penalty. What I was saying is what you are illustrating, the reason we run certain quests over and over at Epic isn’t just because their XP is better, in some cases its because they give Tokens. If lets say the 4 relatively new quests in the 12, Black & Blue, Newcomers, Lost at Sea, and whatever other quests were added that are located in Eberron suddenly started giving Tokens, I suspect that Devil Assault, Bargain of Blood, and Lords of Dust would suddenly go down in popularity. Well maybe, if you did those new quests while lvling you’d by definition need to farm less Tokens at the end so that would help, not sure any of the quests I listed are completable fast enough to take over for some of the old stand-bys. Its all theory anyway

Ahh ok. This will be my first TR where I had to earn the tokens, My other one I got a heart when it was on sale. I can see what you are getting at though. For me though as long as I still get the tokens as rewards but 0 Xp, I can live with it. Since I have no intention of doing epic levels, anything over 21 he reaches is not really important.

But yeah if they gave tokens in more quests that would definitely help with their view of the way they want things to be going. But they might look as that cutting into thier Heart revenue. Depends on who makes the decisions game devs or the accountants.


We have a lot of different deployments in motion at the moment and aren’t ready to put specific dates attached to most of them, however, our basic schedule outline (could change) looks something like this:

•This Week: U42.3.0 (Masterminds of Sharn Raid 2)
•Mid-Late August: U42.4.0 (Epic Destiny Pass, Reaper Revamp, XP Pass, Pale Master Pass, and more)
•Late August-Early September: U43.0.0 (New Adventure Pack and more)

Again, that could all change but is the general gist of what we are looking at timing wise at the moment.

42.4 is here tomorrow. Lot of Epic Destiny changes, expect to have to reset everything