TTime to check in again - July 13 2022

My birthday, Trustee is 92. I’m still around and kicking. This old timer still loves the guild, loves his gaming friends, and still loves pc gaming. Just sign in from time to time to let you know that I’ m still around.


Happy Birthday, @Trustee!!

Yea old timer…so how’s life treating you in your youth (you are still young at heart)?

So glad to see you around and kicking. Happy Birthday Trustee!! :birthday:

Happy birthday!

Keep on keeping on. Happy bday.

Trustee is doing very well indeed old friend. Still enjoy gaming. Still enjoy guild friendships.
I’m just older and slower. Aging.


And then real life does a stat squash, and you’re suddenly 50 again. Don’t we wish :slight_smile:

Happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday. Love that you are still gaming! That’s my hope as it drives my family crazy. LOL

I wish you all the best. PC gaming is fun and guild friends are great. Enjoy.

Happy birthday!!

@Trustee Happy Birthday! Glad to know you are doing well!

Happy Birthday!!! On Wisconsin!

Thank you and have a good one. Happy gaming.

Happy b-day, youngster! Miss ya in-game! :slight_smile:

Awesome! Hope you had a great day and keep on gaming!

Happy Birthday here is hoping we all get to follow your foot steps and keep gaming into our 90s and beyond

Happy Birthday, Trustee. I am just a junior member at 78. And I thought I was the oldman here.

BTW - what is your fave game of all time? Currently, I am addicted to ESO. Been a Plus member since this February. So far, it’s worth it, to me, anyhow. I might buy some Crowns when on sale. Prior to ESO, I was into original Skyrim with as many mods my potato could hold !

Happy Birthday !

Yet again, Trustee is checking in. At my age (92) it’s important. Not as active as I used to be - I continue to putter around with eso. Over the years, I have played and enjoyed all (or almost all) of the elder scrolls games. I’m well preserved as an old timer so I keep on trucking and enjoying life. (old timer since August 2006.) Joined up when we were playing Dungeons and Dragons Online and the guild was 6 months old.
Current group is shadow group - looking for a new mmo we can agree on.