Trying to log in, need subscription, can't find where to get one

I wanted to grab the free stuff, so i dug out my old username and password.

Apparently, they were too old - from Turbine days. I tried to create a new account, but the email address was already in use, so i used the Forgot My Username and Reset Password tools on the account page. I put those in the launcher and it told me i have no subscription. I went to my account and saw my LotRO free sub, but nothing for DDO - which makes sense since i haven’t played DDO since Turbine days.

I perused the DDO site and couldn’t find a place to get a free or paid subscription. Does anyone know of a way to resolve this situation?

Do I need a separate email address and username for DDO than what I use for LotRO?

I am having the same issue. My account is WAY too old I guess. I went through the password recover process as well and all I saw was LotRO. So, I’d be interested as well if there is a solution

It’s not Tubine anymore?

No, the developer is Standing Stone Games… I think they still have a lot of the long term developers that were part of Turbine. But I wasn’t really paying a lot of attention to DDO and LOTRO when the switch happened so am unsure of the details. They made a similiar offer for Quest expansio packs in LOTRO as well.


Well I’m here to provide the obligatory “works for me” comment. I also started when it first came out from Turbine. I haven’t played in a long while, but I think I did play once or twice after the switch to Daybreak. My Standing Stone account shows both LOTR and DDO. Currently downloading game because, according to instructions, coupon needs to be installed in online store. You might have to contact support with your email address/user name and see if they will add DDO back.

According to store my game version history is:
Signup 2/2/2006
Stormreach Preorder
… Standard
… Limited

Gah, feels like just “a few” years ago, but the math disagrees.

Ok, i found this in a faq on their support site:
Did you have an account in the past?

If so, you’ll need to make sure that your old LOTRO/DDO account had a subscription for the game that you’re trying to play. For example, if you played LOTRO in the past and are now trying to log into DDO with your old LOTRO credentials, you may receive the ‘No subscription to DDO found’ message. We recommend creating a new account for the game that you’re trying to play.

I found this info at this page:

After creating a new account for the game, i was able to log in.