Trying to join New World Chapter

So, I see topics on new world, but I don’t see how to join discord info- or server info or a sign up page for it. There’s talk in the forums that it’s Alia easy and well here but no contact info.

Does the OTG player base use discord ? Or how can I get in touch in game with the admin to help me join
OTG company in NW.

Thanks in advance!

Just post a request in the #nw-invites-and-afk channel in Discord. After you’re verified, you’ll receive an in-game invite, and your forum/Discord permissions will be added for New World.


Before joining one of our chapters, you’ll need to apply to become a full member of OTG. You can start the process here: OTG Application

Once you are a member, the private areas will become available to you, which includes the areas to put in your request to join. Please let me know if you have any questions.