Trying out 7 Day Free Trial - Quick Question

Hi all,

I have never really tried BDO and I saw that OTG had such a big presence, I thought maybe I should. I just had one quick question. I love magic/melee hybrids that use a combination of fighting skills and magic skills. The templar in ESO or the Thane in DAOC for example.

I looked up the classes in BDO and tried to find one that would be close. From the best I can tell, the Valkyrie and Dark Knight are close. Are there others you would recommend?


Each class uses their own “skill mana” to execute their powerful attacks thus there isnt really magic and melee skills in a sense. MP/SP/WP/etc depending on the class. But there are certain classes that are more close ranged, like ninja/kuno and valk/berserker, and then there are your ranged/spellcasters sorc/witch/dk/wiz/ranger/archer, and then theres your other mix stuff like tamer/maehwa. There are many guides on youtube that will show you what the classes play like and then how it drastically changes once you awaken. Each class has its own feel so you just gotta play it out sometimes to see if you like it or not.

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I’ve played all the female classes to 49 and have awakened a Lahn and Witch, and I suppose Shai now. Having played WoW and ESO, BDO is very different and the best advice is to try it and see what you like. For example, from what I’ve read about the Sorceress, I didn’t think I would like the class. But I do, and she seems very melee/magic oriented. You might like her too!

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