Try Unofficial Atlas server if Not Liking Official Server?

I know we had a few members play on this Unofficial Atlas server over the past few years, They just wipe there server a few weeks ago to add a new map.
I have played on a few unofficial servers and I found InfinitiSquadron has a really good selection of Mods and Mod creatures and Vanilla creatures.
They offer a PVE server | 7x7 | PvE | Custom Mods (
and a
PVP server | PvP | 20x | Custom Mods (

They have rewards points for playing on their servers and voting rewards also Starter Kit with a Bear and tools.

When I need a change of pace and want to hit the open seas or get that ich to build something or want to find cool animals to tame and breed, I will play Atlas

If you own the game already then pop over to InfinitiSquadron PVE server and say Hi and give an unofficial server a try, some friendly players here.
I find the Official server is overrun with pillar spam and just to laggy.

We do NOT have an official OTG chapter on this server just a few OTG members that have played together in other games over the years.

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Despite the risk, I agree with Nehe. :grin:

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