Tried to load SWTOR and...I'm Banned. What?!

I haven’t played for maybe 12 months or so and thought I would restart my sub. To my surprise, I’m BANNED

never been banned from anything before so I feel like such a '‘baaddd’ girl. isn’t available. Phone number there doesn’t work atm and it seems only in-game support will provide a help ‘ticket’.

been playing SWToR since 2013 any advise


If all the support channels are having issue, it might be that’s the cause, instead of you being actually banned.

Here’s hoping.

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I’m in.
They answered this morning. Seems they were protecting my account.
4000 cartel in bank. Left it loading on newer pc.
I’ll let team know when up so I can join guildies.
Thanks for responding Splutty . Looks like I’ll have to try harder to be a ‘Baaddd’ Girl :innocent:

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Splutty is the best. He is always here to help ya! Or at least give you an answer. :slight_smile:

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Splutty IS the best. Not only is he always helpful and knowledgeable, he seems find a way to make time to read every thread in all our forums and discord channels. He must have a couple clones! …Or a cape :slight_smile:


LOL!! Awww come on, take the compliments.

YA, come on.

BTW, I’m loving SWtoR

find me

Yeah i came back to SWTOR while i wait for NW. Its so much fun.