Tried the NA server to join you from EU ...disappointing

Hi guys,

Picking up ESO again (from EU) and wanted to join you guys, so I created a new char on the NA server.
Didn’t work out, with lag times of 200-250 it became rather unplayable.
So still sticking to the EU server with lag time around 50…

If there are enough active EU players I guess we could start an OTG guild also there…anyway thought I let you know,


I’m perfectly fine playing on the NA server, not sure why you think 200 latency is unplayable?

I noticed either Sun or Saturday last weekend the NA server was lagging hard, even to those of us living in NA. Try it again to rule out server issues.

Might try it again … what I forgot to mention is that during gameplay my fps dropped from around 100 to 20…why? No clue, especially realizing I have a GTX 2080 Ti with GSync, but even then 20 is really too low. Can only solve that with a restart of the game. This did not happen (yet?) on the EU server.
Anyway I’ll give it a shot again, see what happens…

Yeah, because what you’re saying is somewhat… Odd to say the least.

I don’t think the issues you had were related to it being the NA server at all, or you’d be the only one :slight_smile:

I had that happen when the NA server was lagging. There is hope that what you were experiencing is not routine, and not representative of how you will play regularly.