Trading steam keys section idea


Could have a section where people can advertise what games they have that they don’t want

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I love that idea. I have a lot of keys via Humble Bundle and stuff that I don’t need/want. Could be a great way to give back to other OTGers!



I suggest you guys get a thread going! If you’ve noticed, we don’t have a lot of subcategories here on this forum. If they decide to do one, great. But in the meantime, have at it in a thread!

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PS: If trading of steam keys in any way violates the terms and conditions of Steam or the games themselves, this is not allowed.



Nope doesn’t violate terms and conditions in fact steam has a section to where you can trade steam keys among other things

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The client allows you to gift codes if they are unredeemed. Humble bundle has a specific Gift URL generator on unredeemed codes. As long as it isn’t pirated, etc. I don’t see why not.

Caveat: most of us do this on the Facebook group already for that instant gratification dopamine hit.