Totally lost...How do I get a mount

I haven’t played in years and came back to DDO for some reason, playing it on and off lately. There is so much I have missed I have really no idea what I am doing, but that is ok. Just solo questing currently and playing my Warforged Eldritch Knight and enjoying it (DDO’s version of Eldritch Knight is way better than 5e’s version). There is plenty of content I have no idea how to go about doing, but either I’ll figure it out not. One thing that really confuses me though is mounts, how do I get a mount aside from getting one as a bonus from one of the expansion packs?? I have read about them on DDO wiki, but still fairly confused on how I can acquire, even if it is just that standard horse.

Well if anyone wants to do any grouping in DDO hit me up we can figure a night or two to do some grouping. My Warforged toon’s name is Klaatuu and that is who I play singularly right now.

  • The Feywild Legendary raid The Dryad and the Demigod drops some unicorn mounts
  • The DDO store sells several mounts at ridiculous prices.
  • You can acquire one in Borderlands. You need to farm Quaal Feather tokens to get a base mount and then if you like you can use an enchanted horseshoe to upgrade. Item:Quaal Feather Token - DDO wiki
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As SpatzAI said, there are a few ways to get them. I recommend the Borderlands option, good quests (1st and 21st levels) - you get the feathers in the wilderness area, they drop in the rare chests. The wiki has a few paths listed:
The Feathers are BTA so I can’t pass any to you.

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Thanks for the replies. My main character is currently lvl 12 and I wasn’t playing during the time the Borderlands was introduced. Can I get into the lvl 1-3 Borderlands with my lvl 12 character?

Yeeeaaahhh I took the easy path and bought the Feywild expansion since it was on sale. Yay for unicorn mount!

Enjoy. Fey is a good pack gearwise. I use the lvl 5 stuff every life from 5-9 till Ravenloft kicks in, and the Legendary stuff spottily on a few chars and on one char as almost everything for the set bonuses.

I wish you luck finding the Singing Sword wilderness rare…

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