Toruk's fleet info sheet

Fixed the link

I’ve updated my ship fleet on the OTG SC Fleet.xlsx file with respect to the ship entries listed.

The spreadsheet does not include the new concept ships (Vulcan, Hercules - C2/M2/A2) entries. Are forum members permitted to add these new entries or is it restricted to admin?

Can you add StellarRaptor, err, me to the spreadsheet and I’ll add what I have?

I believe you should be able to edit it yourself.
Toruk will know…

No, if you can edit it please do. If not please let me know.


All you have to do is click on the link and edit it. If not please let me know.


@Toruk I was able to add. Thankee. :slight_smile:

Updated my fleet. How did you want to mark having more than one ship?

Updated, going to get back my Cutlass soon.

I saw a player denote the number of owned ships in parenthesis. That was a good idea so I think we’ll make that the convention and denote the number of ship os the type indicated as Y(x) where x is the number of ships of that type. IE: Y(2) if I owned 2 Freelancers.

could we just add a quantity column?

There would then have to be a column for EACH person making it harder to find your ship.

No i mean instead of putting a Y just put the number of ships you have which in most cases would mean instead of the Y we would see a 1.
That would make it WAY easier to get ship totals as well.

OK I updated the sheet a bit.
Instead of putting a Y for each ship you put the number of ships of that type that you own

Added in some total column/row info as well and updated the existing formulas to use the new info.

EDIT: Oh and a bit of conditional formatting to easily see what the most popular ships are as well as who the big whales are.
Not that we didn’t already have a good idea, but this gives nice at a glance info.

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Added RSI Apollo Triage $225 (Warbond)

The variant is $250 warbond, I have that one.

The variant has heavier armor and twice the missiles.
I like.

LOL, didn’t notice, bought it because it was prettier.

Can you add the Apollo Medivac $250 to the sheet?

Done. But, like the Triage, just on the first page, not on the $ spent page.