Torquemaster garage door spring

I have a Wayne Dalton torquemaster spring on my garage door, the torsion spring is enclosed inside a metal tube so i cant just grease it like a normal torsion spring.

When i open and close the garage door it makes a loud clanking noise through the entire travel distance of the door.

It used to have a craftsman chain drive, that i just replaced with a chamberlain belt drive, that i was hoping would quiet things down plus give me the wifi capabilites.

But apparently it wasnt the chain drive that was causing the noise. Its the spring bar.

So im just wondering if anyone has any experience dealing with this and perhaps know how to stop the clanking noise.

Thanks in advance.

My advice for anything regarding garage door springs: Hire a professional. Iā€™m scared of those things. :scaredycat:

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