Torchlight Frontiers


Best part of Torchlight, FERRETS!

Speaking of which, how is it that I’ve been in OTG this long and we don’t have a Ferret Emoji on the forums yet? >.<

We can’t have nice things. :frowning:


Who do I have to have sex with to get a title? Hopefully not monkey boi or pink panties dude…eech.

They tend to be pretty tight-lipped about it, but i think you just told them what choice to give you. /facepalm

… The jokes write themselves, folks!

LOL. I had a feeling that monkey bois in pink panties would figure prominently in the response to your post. WTG!

I feel honored and embarrassed at the same time. Weird.

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I signed up for BETA just because I played them all.

anyone have an idea when they will release the beta?

I thought it said December for BETA and 2019 for release.

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Yep. NDA lifted! They intend to make it “no wipe”, we’ll see. Only 2 classes and 2 “regions” thus far. Good fun like any other good ARPG.

Game play by my editor:

Looks like a donation today to Extra Life, using the Torchlight Frontiers / Echtra donation page, will result in a Torchlight Frontiers key for the ongoing Alpha, during their Extra Life charity fundraising support drive on November 2nd:


We’re on a mission to play games in order to help heal kids. We’ve each chosen our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. With 170 hospitals to chose from, each location treats thousands of kids annually, regardless of their illness, injury or family’s ability to pay.

We need your help!

Your donation is tax-deductible and will make miracles happen for families who desperately need them. Simply click on the “Donate” button at the top of the page to help.

Donors will gain access to the Torchlight Frontiers Alpha.

As a special gift to our donors, each donor will receive a key to the Torchlight Frontiers at the conclusion of the event. It’s just our way of saying thank you for contributing to a great cause.

Alpha Players, don’t forget to claim an special retriever!

For a limited time, all of our Alpha players can head over to the Pet Vendor in town to recruit a special Retriever, the goodest of good puppies.

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