Torchlight 3 (wasn't sure where to put this!

My husband just bought this for me on Steam. It’s in pre-release so had some time last night to play. Pretty impressive. Graphics and sound are good. They’re still working out the bugs but I didn’t come across any in the half hour, or was it an hour in game last night! Maybe I’ll get a chance to group up with some of you. Who knows!

I just picked it up on Steam as well. The reviews thus far are pretty bad. The consensus seems to be that the devs didn’t make many changes with the switch from F2P MMO to standalone sequel (ie. it still feels like a F2P game and not something that warrants the price). I’m also seeing a lot of commentary regarding the graphics. Many folks argue that it looks and feels like a mobile game. Finally, it sounds like they took a very casual approach to gameplay at the expense of depth. Again, these are just themes I noticed in the user reviews on Steam. I personally consider these comments but choose to form my own opinions without putting too much stock in what others write. I understand that most of the people behind the first two games are no longer a part of the project. So, for that reason, I’m not expecting the same thing. Just hoping for something fresh and new that does the series justice. Fingers crossed!

Keep reporting! This is one I’m interested in but I’d like to hear more from OTG and a little less from the Steam forums. I usually take their reviews with a couple pounds of salt…

Its been a LONG time since anyone posted about this, but with Torchlight II going ver 1.0 or rather, out of Early Access, in a week or so, I am wondering what the consensus may be for the version of the game as it is now. yes, I looked over Steam and most there say its watered down Torchlight II. Not sure if thats good or bad ( have to admint here, I didn’t get play Torchlight II…)

Is it a worthy game, or a soft/hard pass and wait for something better? Will there be guildies playing it to group up with and do old style monster bashes?

I haven’t played it, but my friend has played prior to 1.0. While he really enjoys 2, he says 3 is way too slow. Maybe 1.0 changed that?

I’ve got all 3. I’d say that 2 was the best. 3 is good for a short stint gaming and then coming back to it while 2, I was in for the long haul.