TODAY (6/25 @ 9pm EST): Dev Stream to Discuss Testing (and other stuff)

We’ve been wondering about this for a while, but it looks like we might find out what’s next for testing during tonight’s dev stream.

From their official forum post:

June’s dev stream shows what to expect for the next play session,the latest state of Blackrose Keep and a sneak peek at the upcoming website. Join us Thursday June 25 on at 6pm PDT for the latest news.

Woo hoo! :ohyea:

No exact dates, unfortunately, but…

  • PA testers will get an email in the next few weeks for PA-5 part 1.

  • Part 1 will focus on just getting large numbers of people back onto the servers. They’ll hold six limited sessions over a weekend. Three per day. We will be able to sign up for 2.

  • After that limited testing weekend, we’ll have the real PA-5 a few weeks later. This is where we’ll be able to run around the world and test more broadly – rather than the limited, and very specific testing scenario they’ll use in the first weekend.

They’ll also have a revamped website going live soon. They’ll post racial active abilities soon thereafter.

They showed off the grayboxed area around Black Rose Keep – which they moved from its original placement in Avendyr’s Pass. The atmosphere looked cool and the player model and equipment models looked awesome.

Those were my main takeaways. Check out VR’s Twitch page (link above) for the replay.