To the Knowledge go to the Spoils! Learning about Discord maybe?

Hey so it’s Lazy Swayze, I know a lot about discord, Given its a program I used to use for jobs on a website called Fiverr. I know a lot about the administration aspect as well as the End-user aspect of this program. I’ve even gone so far as to commission my own Discord Bot that is hosted by a close friend of mine. This Bot currently has features related to Final Fantasy 14. But moving on, the reason for this post is I’ve talked to some members in-game, seen some posts on the forums that indicates that this community might be new to discord. I would like to help out with that. I can personally give out a video or two maybe even three that would give folks a better idea on how to use this program(Not to mention about 7 of them on how to run your own server). These videos are all ready-made but considering I was using a potato of a computer back then the quality of the videos is not great including the audio of them. On to the suggestion portion of this now…

What I am suggesting is for me to do one of two things( This depending on knowledge, time, and ability going forward). I could remake the videos on my new computer trying to fix the audio etc(If there was anyone who knows OBS really well and would be able to help me with that it would be a huge Help). The Second Option would be a bit more personal to the community itself. I could take maybe a week 2 weeks tops and make a guide here on the forums with pictures(pretty pictures in fact!) and list out every function, sub-function and just add to this post as time goes on until the forums break or my fingers do.

As proof of concept, the following three videos are some of the ones I released some time ago.

In Depth Discord Tutorial Episode: 8

In Depth Discord Tutorial Episode: 9

Any feedback, questions, help with the video process if folks have expertise in that area depending on where we need to go on this would be helpful. Let’s make it great whatever we do though!


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