Time to reinstall the game if you have been gone a while

If you have been out of the game a while, this year’s Invictus Fleet Week will be a good time to jump back in.

There are ships like the Bengal and the Javelin which will be in game flying around as part of a large fleet making tours between the three main space stations.
And, the Javelin will be explorable. That’s right, you can board and explore the Javelin. It is on the PTU right now if you are anxious to check it out.

Along with that the C2 and M2 flavors of the Hercules are added in, as well as the long awaited Tonk.

And here are some clips from the PTU:

We will be forming up an OTG get together for Fleet Week as it gets closer so keep an eye out and come join us in the verse!


One for size comparison:

Where is the Bengal, or is it constantly moving around?

Installing now, watched a video, can’t land on the Bengal but I can get really close, so definitely want to see it.

It moves between the three main planetary stations every 20-30 min.,

I have about 15 min of video of it that I grabbed today.

Will try and link/upload that soon

I hopped on the PTU last night and caught someone in a Hercules attacking the Bengal.

The lasted only seconds. The Hercules was tiny in comparison and the barrage it received from the Bengal was hilariously overwhelming.

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Where on the PTU is the Javelin @Simdor ? Is it at Port Tressler?

They stage the event every few hours and it runs from Port Tressler to Bajini to Evernus

Stays about 30 min at each

Thanks very much Sim!

Simdor, I’ve been updating each release, but haven’t been able to get anywhere for the last year. Do you think an uninstall and reinstall might help?

By example, last update (3.12.1) I couldn’t disembark from the the railcar to the airport.

There are a few things you can do to improve your install.

The most important is make sure you are installed on an SSD drive NOT a physical HD.
The next is make sure you clear your USER folder in the install directory after every major patch. Not sure why this is still necessary but it seems to be.

Can you be more specific in what you mean when you say you could not disembark. Your character would not move? You hit an invisible wall? You died when you tried to get off the tram?

Thanks for responding so quick!

I spawned in a city (don’t remember which, I’ll take notes next time), found the city travel to the airport. doors opened and I stepped in. It stopped at the airport, and doors remained shut, and then it continued on it’s way, stopping at stations, but doors remaining closed. (kinda like my nightmares about the Chicago 'L" in the 50’s).

Yes I’m proudly running an m.2.connected highly rated SSD DEDICATED to system and SC. So beware, .noting you responded I’m gonna install the update (after deleting the USER folder), and see what I see.

One last thing to check would be the patch notes. I seem to remember an issue with trains in a particular city, but I don’t remember which. Either way that bug was resolved so after a reinstall you should be good to go.
Let us know how it works out

I tried again and was able to get outta bed and down to the lobby, and then locked - however
I was on long enough for my data to appear on Telemetry.

It appears my rig doesn’t cut it.
My i5-6600kcpu, z170a mobo, and EVGA GTX 1070 was state of the art and sufficient for SC in August of 2016.

How time flies. Time for a new rig/
Thanks Simdor

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