Thoughts on starting a static or focused group weekly

Good Afternoon,

I am fairly new to the guild. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in starting a static group to meet in the game to run content. Since I am new I currently have fairly low-level toons. My highest its 13. I am located on the west coast. I played another game where the group met on Saturdays to run content. Like this guild is was mostly older people

Any suggestions. Possibly add a calendar function to announce when and what the group is going to run. Just a thought.


New to the guild but I expect my wife and I would be interested. We would be starting new characters on the server. We tend to play between 7pm - 10pm central.


Let me know. when you would be interested running and what you want to run. I live on the west coast PST

We are just getting started on the server and are also playing of HC atm so it will be a bit before we have established characters. I know my wife wants to run Temple of Elemental Evil … we have not done it. Any interest in going after that in a week or so? Maybe next Friday night?

She is running an artificer and I will be running a wizard.


My suggestion for a new characters is run the coin lord content until you can get 75 favor for an extra slot. Most of it is free stuff and then the Sharn syndicate stuff. I normally run those quests on normal and hard. Some are only solo.

Good choices for characters. I normally run rouges and artificers. Played some old Pen and paper stuff years ago. Let me know when you are running stuff if you want some help. I am on the west coast. if you could tell me a day or so ahead when you are on I can adjust my schedule for you. I am retired now so have time to burn so to speak.

My highest toon right now is only level 13.


Yeah … I currently have two toons going on hardcore … one with her and a solo … I have the Coin Lords and Free Agents favor scoured into my mind :slight_smile:

We’ll work on our OTG toons a bit and reach out. One day next week most likely.


Got it. Have not bothered with hardcore. I know some of the other guild members are there now.