Thoughts on starting a static or focused group weekly

Good Afternoon,

I am fairly new to the guild. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in starting a static group to meet in the game to run content. Since I am new I currently have fairly low-level toons. My highest its 13. I am located on the west coast. I played another game where the group met on Saturdays to run content. Like this guild is was mostly older people

Any suggestions. Possibly add a calendar function to announce when and what the group is going to run. Just a thought.


New to the guild but I expect my wife and I would be interested. We would be starting new characters on the server. We tend to play between 7pm - 10pm central.


Let me know. when you would be interested running and what you want to run. I live on the west coast PST

We are just getting started on the server and are also playing of HC atm so it will be a bit before we have established characters. I know my wife wants to run Temple of Elemental Evil … we have not done it. Any interest in going after that in a week or so? Maybe next Friday night?

She is running an artificer and I will be running a wizard.


My suggestion for a new characters is run the coin lord content until you can get 75 favor for an extra slot. Most of it is free stuff and then the Sharn syndicate stuff. I normally run those quests on normal and hard. Some are only solo.

Good choices for characters. I normally run rouges and artificers. Played some old Pen and paper stuff years ago. Let me know when you are running stuff if you want some help. I am on the west coast. if you could tell me a day or so ahead when you are on I can adjust my schedule for you. I am retired now so have time to burn so to speak.

My highest toon right now is only level 13.


Yeah … I currently have two toons going on hardcore … one with her and a solo … I have the Coin Lords and Free Agents favor scoured into my mind :slight_smile:

We’ll work on our OTG toons a bit and reach out. One day next week most likely.


Got it. Have not bothered with hardcore. I know some of the other guild members are there now.

For all of Aug, there is no such thing as Free vrs Pay content, everything is free. If you use the coupon which I believe is still in the guild message of the day, even after Aug most things will still be free. Sharn and ravenloft won’t, some of the Eveningstar stuff, but as a lowbie you won’t care about that.

Allocate a lot of time for TOEE. Even if you know exactly what you are doing and do the minimum needed, pt1 is one of the longest quests in the game. If you want to explore everything, can burn a whole afternoon there.

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So Winners & Ahlvyn are up to level 12 … likely be 13 by the weekend … interested in running though something Saturday evening … Ravenloft or Menechrarun on elite maybe?

Either one is fine. My rouge is ready to level to 14 now but I have not done that yet. I am running Sunrise in Mists of Ravenloft solo later today. Hopefully, I will get through it. I also want to run Sands. I have run it a little bit. I do have access to some Iconics than I have rolled up but not leveled all the way. let me know what you think. Still have not got this to high to get experience thing down.


Hey Bruce. Khraila (Winners) and I can play tomorrow between 2pm - 9pm PST. Let me know when you want to meet up. Let’s run Sands. It’s a great quest arc.


Sorry but Saturday around then is not good for me. My son and his wife are coming over so we can get some work on my house done. It is the only time they are available with their schedules. I also happen to be a high NBA fan and my favorite team is playing in the finals around then. Maybe Sunday afternoon?. Thanks for understanding. Real-world things happen. If not maybe next weekend.


Sunday is fine … we can play between 2pm and 10pm tomorrow. Just let me know. BTW what character are we looking for?


The time frame is good. As for the character, I guess it depends on what are you running? I like having a rouge or arti in the group. Got a couple. I have a couple of iconic that I am running through lower-level content at the moment. My rouge is at level 13 which is a little high for sands. I went through the mist of Ravenloft quests with him and was planning on going back to sands with him because I liked it but had not finished it.

My rouge is splashed with arti for the rune arm use. Uses a great crossbow. I do a lot of solo stuff so I find using a bow or crossbow is good. Let me know what you think.