Thoughts on re-rolling now vs. waiting for Shadowlands?

As the title says, given the changes to new player experience what do you guys think? Might as well wait for xpac to re-roll?

That is what I am doing.


@Gabrus, I don’t know what your situation is with WoW, so I may be stating the obvious.

I think you have more options if you have a Level 120 character on board than if you don’t. 120’s will squish down to 50 and will play Shadowland content until 60. If you roll another toon, you can choose which expansion you would like to level that toon to 50.

If you don’t have a level 120, whatever you roll will level from 1 to 50 in the Battle for Azeroth expansion, then move to Shadowlands from 50 to level 60. If you don’t have a 120, you can roll a DK (55) and with WoW’s XP bonus (double xp until the pre-patch), you can level it pretty fast to 120 and even faster if you have heirloom gear.

Also, if you pre-order the Shadowlands xpac, you’ll get a 110 and 120 level boost for any character. I have no idea what happens to those boosts when the pre-patch comes out and you haven’t purchased Shadowlands. Lol, almost sounds like an endorsement. Wasn’t meant that way.

I’m not sure if one way will be more fun than the other. In my mind, both will be fun.

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Thanks for the info, very helpful. I have not played WoW in like 2 years, but Shadowlands and changes to leveling intrigue me. Most likely would want a fresh start on the OTG guild server, so wouldn’t be transferring any toons over. I’ll have to think about it!

There is a massive xp boost until the launch of Shadowlands if you want to get a 120 on an OTG server before launch.

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