Thoughts on plunderstorm

Just saw the announcement for plunderstorm, curious what people think about it??

It is forced pvp and generally sucks. If you want the rewards you have to do the PVP. It isn’t seamless and a bit redundant. People are using the same old tactics of teaming up with a friend and killing the low level people.


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Seems to be the popular rally cry. It seems rather polarizing on the forums you either love it or you dread it according to the vocal minority.

Like Lorantell pointed out it is not seemless. You have to enter it from the character select screen and it doesn’t use your actual characters from retail. I’m not sure I agree that it is forced PVP except in the sense that the game mode is a PVP mode. If you want the cosmetics you need to participate in the mode which invariably means you will be doing PVP. But your not being forced to do it, it’s not progression blocking in anyway to just skip it.

Players on both sides are finding toxic ways to break the system. Players who don’t want to pvp are going out of their way to avoid pvp and rob the actual pvp play in the mode of its intended rewards. PVPers as Lorantell are finding ways to get into the solo maps and coordinate via voice chat. Alot of activities taking place that I am certain had they done public testing ahead of time they could of solved before the players got ahold of the mode.

It also takes a considerable time investment to get the rewards. The best mog requires you reach renown rank 38 I believe before its complete. Some estimates is that is anywhere from 10 to 20 hours of gameplay potentially in a mode players may loathe.

Personally, I think the biggest mistake of this whole thing was the secrecy and having this on the dragonflight dev roadmap when this had nothing to do with dragonflight or retail wow. Then advertising it as something everyone can participate in and leaving out that it is a pvp event. So I think they veered dramatically from what players expected and a good part of the outcry from non pvp players I think is from that let down.

Attaching FOMO cosmetics didn’t help but theres always going to be rewards for any game system. PVE players tend to act like they should have access to everything in the game without needing any action in gamemodes they dislike. That simply will never happen.


Is it my favorite thing to do? Nah. But it’s fine. This is a pvp mode. For once, pvp’ers got something, and I’m happy for that, even if it’s not my thing. According to the last Bliz poll, pvp was 2nd only after Mythic + (I’d link it if I remembered how to find it, it’s on the WoW forum).

I don’t expect to get Cutting Edge rewards, or Gladiator mounts/transmogs unless I participate in those. It doesn’t bother me that those people get rewards than I can’t or won’t get. This is the same. Not every mode is for every player, and that’s ok. It shouldn’t be.

I do agree with the point that the advertising was a bit misleading. It was truthful, Retail and Classic both can play, but I understand why many felt the implication it had something to do with in-game was real.

Renown 8 and counting!

Plunderstorm is the perfect example of the meaning of insanity. But hey, whatever floats your boat. I went 3 rounds of it just to try it out, and it’s the same as any other BR. Not for me…Back to SoD.

I hate pvp, i’m not good at it, and have about as much chance as winning the Powerball as winning this 60 man slugfest.

That being said, i’m having fun with it, i know i’m not going to beat another player (Renown 10 and I have yet to kill anyone) unless i find someone afk due to a bio break in the future.

I do like the way it is integrated into the Main Launcher, this does allow them more ways to bring more different content to us in the future.

Should it have been “Top Secret”…no, by doing so we are naturally going to be let down that we are really not getting in game content and that Season 4 is pushed back most likely to whenever they want this to end. If S4 launched next week, their #s for this content would drop like a stone. Right now it is really the only new thing to do in game.

Map chosen works for them since it has multiple structures and terrain environments to offer up some variety. If they bring this back in the future, I would love to see it on multiple different maps.

Would i ever pay for access to this, no. If they continue to make it free with my monthly sub, then yes, I would play again for another round of rewards.

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I have been playing it killing time. It is definitely a long slug fest as I just hit renown 10 today, I typically get 500-1000 points a game, at first I was horrible and could not kill anyone but I have managed a few kills as I understand the game better. Not sure if I will make it to 40 however as it is getting old. Playing duo is fun but I mostly solo.

Your ability to advance really depends if you can target and land on an elite to get a skill ASAP and then try to level as you kill stuff. The best is to log in and get the 800 daily rep just for doing a single round and then make sure you complete the world quest. If you hate the PvP just do that and then jump into the storm and die and cue back up and you will be a level every 4-5 games. Sometimes you get lucky and get awesome purple skills, I managed i finish 3rd once lol.