This was very well done and showcases a lot of fun in the game

Great use of the tools they have.


The 890 is the amount of dollars they want for that, I assume?

Nice video, though! :smiley:

Actually yes, that’s how much it originally cost :slight_smile: I just like the video and the glamour. I just thought it was pretty.

I’ve gotta take a few points off for realism, most guests weren’t crowded around the view ports to watch the would be raiders getting blasted. That bit hurt my suspension of disbelief a bit. :slight_smile:

In fact it originally cost $600, on concept sale, but when it reappeared later they put the price up to $890. Neater but, phew, a lot of cash!

The real break in realism was that it was full. In reality it will have 1 overweight guy wondering around the giant ship, lonely.

Ahh the plot twist, it was all just his imaginative ramblings. Instead of ending it with the guy on the roof top watching the ship fly away, they should have ended it with a lonely overweight guy staring out the view port, holding his beer wishing he threw parties like that on his ship.

Exactly. Walking from empty room to empty room, shuffling in his slippers and robe, sad and forlorn.