This OlderTimer is still carrying on

At my age (88, 89 in July) and a guild member since August 2006. I have my ups and downs. Just want to keep my many guild friends informed as to what is happening with me. Late last week and going into and through the weekend I felt that I was coming down with something. Didn’t feel well Saturday night. Didn’t feel well Sunday either. Well I am into some doctors visits and resting a bit while we sort this thing out. I have not been gaming for the past few days, but I’ll be back. It’s nothing serious. In general, I’m in pretty good condition for an OlderTimer. Currently, I have been building up a Warden class character in eso.


Heya Trustee. Feel better man, and you are only as old as you feel you are ( and want to be… ). Its just a number after all :slight_smile:

@Trustee, hope you feel better soon. The WoW Alliance crowd misses you. Take care of you and come say hi sometime. :slight_smile:

Feel better, Trustee! :slight_smile:

Feel better!

Feel Better Quickly Trustee. We need LOTS of Wisdom Here.

Speedy recovery, Trustee.

@Trustee I mentioned your post to my non-gaming wife and…

Her: “Why would you do that?”
Me: “What?”
Her: “Play videogames at that age?”
Me: :open_mouth:

Wondering how you would respond to this question…


@RanterX, just tell her that it keeps the brain cells firing on as many cylinders as possible which is a very good thing as you age. Helps to keep you alert and healthy.

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@Trustee…wooooweeee… what a great age to be and still be gaming along. Take care of your health and keep on keep’n on my friend.


Hang in there! ESO…good choice. That’s my game too, on PS4.

Griz - I’ve always enjoyed the elder scrolls games and eso has been made into a great extension of that gaming series.

Ranter - just tell her that game playing is a great way for me to continue to be mentally alert… and it’s great fun. Add to this - great, long lasting friendships are developed.


Get Well Soon, we will keep you in our prayers. :sneezing_face:

Will do. I’m hanging in there Lynspottery. We had some good grouping once upon a time.

Thank you Tomelectric. Prayers are appreciated my friend.

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@Trustee @lynspottery Great answers. Thanks! :smiley:

Trustee… From one old timer to another… be well my friend.

Wishing you all the best, Trustee. Our paths don’t cross often, but I always smile when I see you about. Truly.

You will be in my prayers, sir.