This is why I love this game

Was running around Bree switching alts and crafting when this was happening in the town square.


Had to zoom in to see what that was about. Looks like a guild, “War Bards of Song”, giving a concert for a group of spectators (and perhaps potential recruits). Nice community event.

I have fond memories of LoTRO and my many hours playing as a “Battle-Min”, with the battle part annoying some of PUG members as they think a Min should only be healing.

Yep, War Bards of Song have a weekly concert I believe.
It does add a nice alternative to the grind!

This is nice. I haven’t been in Bree Town in quite some time. It’s nice to see there are active bands there. thanks for sharing Kraefty.

I sure do miss playing LotRO. I was one that had my account drained when LotRO was hacked many years ago. I never could get back into my account and lost everything. I tried to start over but it wasn’t the same. I still miss it very much.

Man I spent so much time in LOTRO with so many people here I miss it at times too. Just wish they would do another big overhaul to catch up to modern stuff.

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I was always amazed at how everything was in sync and turned out so well with their concerts. Enjoy them and enjoy being back in LOTRO.

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I remember back in the day OTG held a huge wedding for 2 of our guild members in Bree. Almost all of our chapter members showed up. It was awsome.

LOTRO has always had a fantastic community. I was worried that the community would go down hill when it went free to play, but instead the game has gotten stronger & the community has stayed good. I miss playing.