This is a tough guild to join!

You guys sure are making it tough for us to participate in the in-game guild. My wife has been checking her guild application for days now. And then we still need to apply to the Red guild!

@Groogo, I have been checking up on applications daily, which one is your wife’s and we’ll see what stage it’s at? :grin:

Chasinghawk, thanks :slight_smile:

It appears that the Membership Officer is waiting for a direct reply to the Private Message that was sent 6 days ago! Private messages can be found by clicking on your avatar and then on the envelope icon.

She sent the first reply on Aug. 18th. and has replied 4 more times since then. She is sending another reply right now.

Sorry, but she needs to reply directly to the Private Message, after reading it, not the application thread. :smile:

We are confused. She shows in her account inbox that she has replied several times. This forum software is difficult to understand. She is and has been trying diligently to join the guild which is a tough process especially considering that we both have to each submit more applications! Can we just send our SS# and service records? :stuck_out_tongue:

The private messages are accessed by clicking on the envelope icon after clicking on the avatar. She has been replying to the application thread, not the private message.

If you can access the private message, sent by Joellep please invite me (Juulz) to that message and we can go from there.

I am ready to give up, Robin (my wife) will send you a PM and see if we can make this work. If not thank you for your time, you seem like nice folks to us. I don’t want to submit any more applications.