This could be a double edged sword of an addon

My first thought upon reading this information was that it could be useful but definitely can be abused. I would be interested in hearing opinion from others.

Welcome to the how would I say… bigotry of the wow community just getting bigger and bigger now while not allowing people to learn. If you are not some elite you will get your name added to this very quickly. I have a family member who someone put on that list because they fell off the platform in the raz fight and no one had told him anything about the fight even when he asked for a fight explamation prior to the pull.


I hear you there Arcano. I am highly suspicious and skeptical of things like this. Sounds too much like control mania to me.

Anyone in the past who has tried their hand at manipulation with me, well lets just say, it became a face plant for them. I’ve been known to stand up to bullies and folks like this…they seemed to have a hard time understanding me when I ask, “What don’t you understand? The N or the O in my words?”

But I digress. I feel this particular addon will encourage bullying more than what we see currently. Some folks out there are just jerks and will use this tool to troll others whenever they can, I think.


I’m going to agree with Arcano on this. People will find themselves on this list and get discouraged from attempting to join any LFG. It used to be ilvl, next your Raider IO score was used, then it was only the agreed upon meta comps used in the MDI. Blizzard has tried to balance the content but there will always be a class that just out performs other classes just enough to make timing keys easier.

Now this doesn’t say people should give up trying to do higher keys. But everyone should know their limits and work on pushing thru those obstacles to improve their performance.

I’m going to use myself as the example here.

Playing a warlock gives me access to 3 different specs. Each spec plays completely different in each dungeon/key level. Is it Tyrannical or Fortitude? What are the other affixes? How I play depends on the group composition. I have to know how the tank will pull to best chose how I will play, otherwise I choose the most generic build to ensure I don’t fall on my face. What are the strengths and weakness of the rest of the group? What can I do better the next time? You have to run a damage meter and be able to understand the results. You have to be open to feedback on what needs to happen to speed up the run. You have to be able to discuss what worked and didn’t work in a manner that is constructive.

This guild has people with varying degrees of experience. Some can run 15+ keys very easily. Those people have learned the ins and outs of each dungeon, knowing exactly when and where to go to make it work for them. Others are in the mid range of keys, still learning the routes and what works best for their group composition. Others are most comfortable in the low keys. Having fun hitting stuff and just enjoying the social aspect of it. And we have those that really just never want to set foot in a M+, enjoying themselves in their own ways.

People just need to get their toes wet and realize it can be a lot of fun.

Don’t worry about some list addon, we have plenty of people who are happy to help others out.



LOL…well, I never run Mythic+ unless it’s with guildees just because of stuff like this. I think we’ve all been booted from a group before as no one teaches anyone anything they just complain you didn’t do it right then kick you…honestly one of the things that the FFXIV community is great about vs the WoW community

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This is really good feedback, exactly what I wanted to invite. I think Mac has the kernel of why many folks do (or don’t do) M+ dungeons at various levels.

I fall more into the lower key level myself, although I have managed at one point some time ago to get as high as a 10 (I think that was just a fluke, but I was in an all guild group and we were on a roll). That actually was fun but my performance is not on the same level as you folks who do those keys.

I’ve got to be honest here in that my reaction times are poor, and like many, I have some physical limitations that impact my play. Age just creeps up on folks and before you know it, what you could do easily a year ago, becomes a challenge. So I’m just happy being able to accomplish whatever I am able to.


I came here with a list of things I wanted to say as this kind of thing gets me riled up. As I read the posts, I started checking off what I wanted to say and by Lyn’s last post, everything I came with was checked off. Well said all!!


Me too!! Every time I tried writing my thoughts down, I became riled up and decided that it was best if I didn’t write anything. Lol.

I still think that one edge of the sword is sharper than the other and the recipients that use the add on will cause all the players, even ones that don’t use the add on, to suffer, eventually.

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