Thinking of Starting to Stream games

I’m currently thinking of starting to stream games on Twitch. I’m looking for what kind of games people would be interested in watching get streamed. As one of the larger communities of gamers I know of, I came to you wonderful people of OTG, to help me determine the type of content to stream, if I decide to go through with it.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • FPS
  • MMO
  • Survival (Ark, 7 Days to Die, etc.)
  • TurnBased Strategy (Civilization series)
  • RealTime Strategy (Command and Conquer, Planetary Annihilation, etc)
  • Action-Adventure (Batman: Arkham Series, Just Cause Series, Etc)
  • City Building (Sim City, Cities Skylines)
  • Simulation (Prison Architect, Two Point Hospital, Rollercoaster Tycoon)
  • Other (Please Comment Below)

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Its so rare that a new streamer will be an overnight success , you need to be dedicated to something you really enjoy and its your enthusiasm that will draw the people who join you in chat, Certainly don’t go out and spend thousands of $$$'s on hardware and tricks because you are likely to be disappointed when nobody shows up. Jumping into somebody else’s stream and saying what you do and “I need viewers” is a sure fire way of getting people annoyed.
It will take time to gather your followers even longer to get partnered and start making a little money from it certainly don’t give up the day job. Having said all that it can work finding the right game is vital and doing something different so you stand out from the crowd. Best of luck but don’t ever think its easy money

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Thanks Alphea,

I’m not really thinking about money at this point. I’m more just trying to figure out what people want to watch.
I’m pretty sure no one is going to tune in to watch someone play bejeweled.

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You’ll want to check out our streaming policy if you are going to stream any guild-related content! Streaming Policy

Good Luck! :grin:

99% of my gaming is solo anyways.

Other: 24/7 stream of the Buffalo Bill dance…

What Alphea said…

My wife streams and has been getting a decent following…but it’s taken a year.

Here’s the thing: it’s not about ‘what do others want you to stream’ coming out of the starting gate. The BEST thing you can do is stream something you like, chat a lot, and be personable. When you start getting a ‘community’ let the community give suggestions on what they would like.

And…people WILL watch you play a mobile game if you’re “fun” about it…hell, there’s streamers who IRL makeup application and get a slew of people to watch.

Twitch/streaming (as I’m finding out) isn’t necessarily about ‘the game’, but about ‘the community’…it’s an interactive chat room where there’s a common focal point.

Oh…and the ‘important’ thing to allow people to find you isn’t necessarily the game-title tag…it’s the subcategories.