Thinking about playing WoW againg

Afternoon all,
I’ve decided to try Warcraft again. I’ll be probably be working from zero or close to it and probably try one of the classic servers since it’s been a little while since I played. Anyway, just trying to find out the low down before I jump off the deep end.


I think they have a “Invite a friend” XP buff that one of the regular players could likely send you to help out

You can always request retail access here:

Unless you are interested in the WoW Classic, in which case you may want to start here:

I’ve had an account since beta, so not sure that would work, but thanks for the thought.


I think I’m going to dink around with my toons and see what I remember first. Most of them are on Alleria, so I’d either have to move them or start over.
Thanks for the links!


We were merged a while ago, but to recap the new realms connected to us, here they are: Alterac Mountains, Balnazzar, Gorgonnash, The Forgotten Coast, Warsong, Anvilmar, Undermine, Xavius

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You can find everything you need to know about the individual chapters in their chapter information sections here on the forums (which applies to all OTG featured chapters). They’re pretty helpful on Discord too! Welcome back to WoW. Is there anything specific you’d like to know?

Afternoon Hashberry,
Not really. Figured I’d goof around this weekend and see which type server fits better. Only reason that I am looking at Classic is that i’ve been out of the game since WoD. All of my toons are at 40 or under.
Before I resubbed I played around with some new toons on low servers to see how fast I could get them to 20. It didn’t take long at all.
Anyway, thanks for the advice and I’ll dust off Discord and see what’s up. But first I have to get those pesky chores done. Do you have any idea how hard it is to milk a chicken? The videos don’t really explain it very well at all.



You don’t milk a chicken. You plant them in 8" rows 6" apart, head down.

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Classic is completely different than current/retail (As in a separate game). You will not be able to use your old toons.

If you are coming back, and want to get your feet wet, I would suggest just rolling a new toon on retail servers. Go through the starter island where you will be put on to level to 10 and enjoy.

The game is much more streamlined than it was back in Vanella or WOTLK. But those are some fun places as well.

Noob, what I’ve done for my Dracthyr is to start the Draenor quests (can pick it up in SW/OR at the board) in order to get the Garrison. I had to google how to get my garrison and found some info that pointed me to doing the Dark Portal starter.

Players first begin to build their garrisons shortly after completing Warlords of Draenor’s Dark Portal introductory experience . Horde players can find their garrison, Frostwall, in Frostfire Ridge, while Alliance players can find their garrison, Lunarfall, in Shadowmoon Valley.

Doing this region is really easy for new players because its full of all kinds of quests and such. I loved running it even on my higher level toons just to get the Garrison. That is fun because of all the different options you can obtain for it (bank/guild bank, AH, and eventually a Transmogifier).

I think Wowhead might have a good write up on all this, it would just depend upon what you are interested in. Also, the Garrison is the closest thing to player housing and I tend to log out/in from there to evade the server lags.

Well, I took a look and may have to postpone for a bit. RL interferred. Thanks for all of the input and I’ll take another look later.


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Well my battlenet ID is Neo545#1866 if you need help on anything let me know. I’ve played since beta minus a couple of years I had to take off…long story. lol