Thinking about doing some Ship swaps, opinions needed

I have been unhappy with the Blue and am contemplating swapping it out for a Freelancer MIS
MIS handles a little worse than a black but has an extra shield a little more cargo and so many missiles.
Intent would be this would be my main get up and go vehicle. Has good QT fuel reserves.
I know changes to the blue are now scheduled for 3.10 but the MIS is not common either and is a flight proven ship.

Also could use a prospector for some money making so thinking about CCU one of my Ursas to a Prospector.

Final thought is CCU my reward Gladius to a Razor EX. Razor EX is a nice entry into stealth, and can be carried by my Carrack or my Polaris. Would add a stealthy fast scout to either.

To accomplish this I will melt my Hull-B (never been a fan) and a G12. Both will be buyback LTI tokens, not really worried about the G12 as I plan on upgrading my 600i touring to an explorer model as soon as they go on sale again.

Regardless I do all the above and am only out 20 bucks additional.


Actually it is very common. The lore says it is less common but the game as it is now has everyone and their cousin owning a MIS .

I would say stick with what you think will work best based on the description of the ship not the current state of things.
That said, neither of the ships you describe are bad choices.
Once John Crewe is off the team you might see more love for Drake.

Yeah by not common, I meant to say time limited ship.

I may miss the nimbleness of the Black, but yeah. MIS is not a bad ship.

Also I am pairing down my fleet to things that actually make sense to my play-style (or lack of)

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I melted my black for the MIS. Zero regrets. It’s a much better combat ship. Especially after you upgrade the ballistics for NDB-30 neutron cannons. Blue lazers !

Not saying that was a bad option

Making a decision like that based on current game play is not very wise.

However, MIS is a military variant of the Freelancer and is designed entirely around being a missile boat.
The Black is a medium fighter that can carry cargo, a variant of the Cutlass (base variant of course) that is designed around being a decent fighter and carrying a moderate cargo load.

The problem is that the MIS is performing as intended, the Black is not. So when they “fix” the maneuverability issues with the Black, you may find you want to swap back.

Or maybe not.

If your choice is based on what you can enjoy right now, then you are all good.
If you are more future forward looking, I would say hang on to what sounds like the better ship, not what currently appears to be the better ship in game.

I get it, and part of my issue was the Blue was my Cutlass. Now that it is released my loaner Black is going bye-bye. The black had kind of became my goto for just futxing about. It is a solid ship, that has a good mix of guns and cargo that really works for me. Good solid ship that really fills that multi-role quite well.

Now I have (had) a Blue

I couldn’t downgrade my Blue down into a Black, so I upped it to a MIS. I really haven’t regretted it. She’s not as nimble as the Black but is doing the do. At least for me. Also Missile Spam. (I’ve gone the Tarantula route Sanc, I may have to try out the neutrons)

Also snagged the prospector and the Razor EX. The Razor is one I expect they will improve some more based on handling but still that is a future bet I am making for the Carrack.

Nice thing is the Black isn’t a limited ship so no issue in picking one up, also have an old Pirate Pack I can rescue from buy back if the itch ever gets me.

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Still have one of those in buy back as well.
With the pirate skin and the docking collar.

As for the guns on the MIS…
Legacy Fleet does some pretty intense and thorough testing with each patch. The results for 3.9.1 show that the neutron repeaters (NOT cannons) are your best long term dps. For quick bursts you do slightly better with the laser repeaters because of projectile velocity.
But really, at that point you are comparing really small differences in the numbers.

Have people glanced at this site? Its fun to play around with at the very least. Note that not every module listed is purchasable. Example would be the Sukoran shields

Oh yeah
Very familiar with Erkul
Great site but take his stats with a grain of salt.
He uses numbers parsed from the files of each patch. Those numbers do not always pan out in reality when using the items in the game.
But it is a great starting point for sure.

I use his site plus double check things with the SPAT tool.

Me three or should I say two with LTI I can buy back. :smirk:

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