Thinking about coming back need advice

Hi all,

So the FF 14 queues have made it tough for me to play and I’m kind of bidding my time in Guild Wars 2 till EOD. How are things in New World and is it worth coming back? I logged in this morning and saw we no longer hold any territory (seem we dominated early few weeks) but does that mean a lot of folks have left? Or is it more things are in flux with the server transfers. Also, anything else I should know as someone who hasn’t played much in weeks?


We have switched to the Covenant faction and just went through a server merge. Things are unsettled atm but looking up from the last couple of patches.

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I agree with Bambi. The last few patches have changed a lot of things for the better and some would say show a positive trend in the right direction.

Really it depends on what level you are. High Watermark has been rebranded as Expertise and for now it’s essentially the same thing. You can see it now on the paper doll as a blue color to the left of the item slots. They introduced a series of dailies you can now do to guaranteed up to 8 bumps per day from doing various activities from simply killing 55+ creatures to gathering resources to farming portals. You can force those bumps on specific slots and weapons too. Many see this as an improvement over a completely random system of HWM upgrades.

The winter event is in full swing. It has it’s own quest line and unique vendor and rewards for a limited time.

Our server recently merged with a bunch of others which is why the territories are all a jumble. On a positive note the community on the server is hoping. Its a culture shock. OPR is firing left and right. You can find groups to do just about anything you might want to do. The trading post is filled with a variety of items that were ultra rare on our old server.

Prior to that merge we transferred to covenant with the hope of bringing all of Hy-Brasil together into a unified force on the new server.

They introduced the new weapon void gauntlet and its associated legendary quest which was fixed in the last patch.

They are supposed to be introducing a new game mode for dungeons they dubbed as mutations which is a take on WoW’s Mythic+ system.

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