[Theorycrafting] Threat vs Damage Modifiers

I’m wondering if anyone else has given any thought to how bane stacks up to the hated perk when fighting mobs where the bane would be effective. The application would be for expeditions or points of interests where the enemies are primarily a specific enemy type or in boss encounters where you can effectively weapon swap before engaging.

At the same gear score level - the two perks provide an equal percentage benefit. For me on the weapons I compared it was +14% either threat versus damage. At initial glance you probably thing like I did oh hey, 14% more damage or 14% more threat their the same since damage generates threat. But I believe, and I am open to feedback, that is wrong both based on the math and my own testing.

Beyond the obvious that your damage output is 14% higher - so better for soloing and faster killing in groups…

Your attack’s damage is calculated prior to applying threat modifiers. Threat is derived from damage. We also always have a carnelian gem in our weapons for the 300% threat multiplier on top of the hated perk. These two percentages are additive. So +14% and Carnelian’s +300% becomes +314%.

So let’s look at an example.
1000 damage base attack.
w/ Hated + Carnelian you get 1000 damage dealt and a net of 3140 points of threat.
w/ Bane + Carnelian you get 1140 damage dealt and a net of 3420 points of threat.
w/ Bane + Hated + Carnelian you get 1140 damage dealt and a net of 3580 points of threat.

Bane’s 14% damage due to Carnelian’s 3x multiplier is effectively a 42% threat modifier. You do 8% more overall net threat with bane versus a comparable weapon with threat instead.

I haven’t seen this discussed in any context regarding tanking in any videos or guide’s I’ve seen.

Any thoughts, input, or ideas from tanks? Am I missing anything here?