The Saga of Lucima

I stumbled across this the other day and man it has my interest piqued.

for all you old school table top D & D players out there like myself this might be something to jump into.

Looks interesting, going to keep my eye on this one for sure.

They talk a good game.

Here’s an update for anyone still interested. Saga of Lucimia is now called Embers Adrift. The two guys who started this old fashioned style MMO left last fall (although they are still connected to the project) and to get in and actually play/test will cost you $50.00. Servers are up Wednesday nights and weekends from Friday evening until Sunday night. The Wed. session is more to help the devs who ask folks to try different things so they can see what happens.
This is an old style type game with no flashing marks over the questgivers heads…crafting is big here…total PvE and group oriented altho I’ve read you can still solo some stuff. No classes…its based on what weapons you use. Exploring is big. The game will continue to test and when it is ready for release varies…I’ve read 2nd quarter, 3rd quarter and 4th. Take your pick.
Your fifty bucks gets you into the testing alpha and closed beta…early admission when the game is released and a month of play…after that it is a subscription model. No cash shops or added extras. Still under NDA too.
more info here: Embers Adrift


thanks for the heads up, I haven’t been keeping up on and didn’t know the name change.

Ok, heres a more detailed update…

Embers Adrift has nothing to do with Saga of Lucimia. Period. So forget anything you may hear relating to SoL.
Embers is a sandbox game - minimal quest lines, NO PvP, massive world to explore. No mini-maps. No handholding.

The game is designed around the original D&D/AD&D group play with characters assuming one of three primary roles - Damage Dealer (Striker) , Tank /Offtank (Defender) and Healer/CC (Supporter).

After level 5 the player can specialize further , for example a Striker can add a skill which adds some crowd control abilites or a defender can specialize with dual-wield DPS abilities for example.

Crafting is quite versatile - for example hunting produces carcases to be refined into raw products such as leather. There is also a path for plant related materials and mining related materials. Players can add a crafting skill to create useful and valuable armour, weapons , potions and all other craftable goods.

Group play is really where this game excels. A full group is a party of six, ideally with a balanced mix of striker, defender and supporter. No single class can do everything, so the balance of your party is essential for a successful dungeon run or boss raid.

The world is huge. HUGE. And not procedurally generated either. The environment is beautiful, realistic and familiar. There are overland, forested, mountains, and water zones all populated with a variety of wildlife and other adversaries. The dungeons are something else! The underground zones are beautiful and massive with unusual inhabitants and unique loot.

Many players use Discord of course and that is the default voice chat system. There are players from all over the world and generally the in-game social chat is sufficient.

The player population is probably 60% North American with the balance from Europe. There is a significant “grey” player base as well which I find very welcoming and friendly.

There are some public videos starting to be released now. The Embers Adrift website is and there is a YouTube channel as well.

I have been playing Embers for a couple of years now. As an ancient EQ1/EQ2/WoW/ESO player, this one is really ticking all the boxes for me.

Pre-release gametimes are CST 20:00-23:59 WEDNESDAYS and 18:00 FRIDAY- 23:59 SUNDAY for all alpha subscribers. Times are Central Standard Time (GMT -6:00)

(AKA Tinker - Ranger/Archer)

I’m an old EQ1 etc. player too and I’m sorry to say this one ticked none of the boxes for me so I’ll be moving on. Still, I hope everyone who gives it a try may find a welcoming home!

I participated in the stress test last weekend on a whim and wow this game scratched an itch that no other MMO has been able to for a long time. Immediately after the beta weekend was over I forked over the $50 so that I can continue to participate in the Wednesday and weekend beta sessions. While there is clearly a lot of work yet to be done, this game absolutely nails the group dynamic. Dungeon runs are such a blast and remind me of classic MMOs, complete with bag retrievals (corpse runs) upon death.

I’m not sure when the next stress test is (open to all, not just backers), but I’d encourage you to try it if you’re looking for something new. Look for Meeks if you decide to dive in!