The Pantheon waiting game

Hello everyone and I hope you all are doing well! My name is Jason and I’m brand new to the guild. My reason for joining is to experience Pantheon with a group of like minded people from development, to launch, and beyond. I will be in alpha when it eventually starts so I’m hoping to find some of you to be able to play and test the game with. I haven’t played an MMO since WoW back in 2006…I think?. So the extended hiatus has resulted in losing touch with all my online friends and guilds. I’ve tried tracking some of them down but I can’t find any of the guilds in MMOs today.

EQ and DAoC were my favorite games, I did like Heroes and Villians quite a bit as well but the longevity wasn’t the best for my tastes. All the other MMOs have been forgetable for me. My WoW experience was a little tainted as I hung onto DAoC so long that by the time I got into WoW I felt behind the curve and didn’t get hooked.

I have been struggling with the idea of jumping into another MMO while I wait for Pantheon, knowing full and well that I will jump ship when Pantheons alpha starts. I’m open to any advice for any games our guild has a presence in that would be worthwhile dipping my toes in for now. I live in Phoenix, AZ so I’m on west coast time. I work a varied schedule with my shifts typically either 6:30am-4pm or 12:30pm-10pm. If anyone is just starting new chars somewhere give me a shout and I’ll give it a try.

Thanks and I hope to meet many of you soon!
-Jason (Devolux in game)

OTG will have a lot playing WoW classic. I plan on playing it while waiting on Pantheon and possible CU.

Actually I see you already knew that. See ya in WoW if you are going alliance. =)

Yeah I played Alliance with my previous WoW experience. I didn’t play long so I’ll be a noob pretty much lol. I’m thinking about trying either a warrior or a rogue.

I also have CU backed and will be checking that out as well so I’ll be seeing you in several games Komma!

Heya @Devolux!

Glad to have you aboard for Pantheon. :slight_smile:

I’m in a similar boat, looking for something to occupy my time before Pantheon is available. Like a few others above, I’ll be checking out WoW Classic for a mix of nostalgia and older-school playstyle.

Look forward to seeing you there!


Add me to the list of those waiting on Pantheon and showing up for Classic WoW. One week until release of Classic and still can’t make up my mind on which side/names/classes (I want them all, LOL).

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Welcome. You gaming resume sounds a bit like mine, played EQ almost from launch and stayed with it almost 5 years. Like you I tried WoW but it just didnt do anything for me at the time. I am about to start WoW Classic next week so hopefully things will be different.

Also I think a fair number of us are waiting on Pantheon so good luck with the Alpha.

Welcome, I’m in much the same boat, waiting for wow classic so I can get a chance to game with OTG before Pantheon alpha. So excited to get back in game with a good guild :smile:

Nice to see quite a few people lingering around Pantheon in anticipation like me! Can’t wait to play this game with you guys :crossed_swords: