The Nokhud Offensive dungeon

I have several dungeons lined up in my quest log that I am going to have to accomplish but have been reluctant to pug. One of them is this Nokhud Offensive which really intimidates me. I’ve done it one time and had to fly as a dragonette on another player because I kept going the wrong way every single time and spent most of my time just trying to keep up with the group. It was embarrassing and frustrating to the point I’ve been afraid to try it again.

I would love to be able to accomplish it for the quest, however, would much rather be in an all guild group. I don’t care if its normal either. I found this video which gives a decent overview of the dungeon and how to manage it on a mythic run. But I am sure most of you who have run it are familiar with it anyway.

Yea, I’m all sort of turned around in there. Just make sure to mark the tank, let him get a nice head start and then fly to him. What happens is you would follow another DPs and realize the tank is not taking the same path.

I’m sure we can scrap together a rag tag band of adventurers to help you out.


Is exactly what I think I’ve managed for tomorrow evening. :face_with_spiral_eyes: Will be interesting to accomplish with an all guild group. So far Prissy (Tank), me (heals), Chanti/Lor/Meer (sp?) all dps. We are going to go at our own pace since we all need one or more of the same dungeons so it should work. Probably won’t do M+ but think Heroic might work for all of us. I know I can heal a heroic just fine as long as folks don’t run away from me (I’ll make sure I bathe beforehand). :smirk:

We truly appreciate that Lyn

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I understand that this dungeon is “The Nokhud Offensive.”

But when I read the thread title The Nokhud Offensive dungeon the first thing I thought of was a dungeon full of mobs that said: “You smell bad and your mom dresses you funny!”

Which, now, I want.


Ride with someone.

I finally did on that first one so I’ll certainly keep that option open… :grin: