"The Mighty Jingles" British warship Commander released

Those of us who have been gaming online in War Thunder, World of Tanks, World of Warships are likely familiar with, and appreciative of, The Mighty Jingles. The Mighty Jingles Wiki

As one of the winners of a World of Warships competition (I’m not familiar with the other winner, the Soviet Commarder option), the missions to acquire “British Commander The Mighty Jingles with 3 skill points” are now active. As usual, go to the post, and when logged in click on the option to participate in the missions: “Ring Commanders–Claim them Inside!:sunglasses:

Picked him up and immediately put him in the only ship worthy of him captaining the first time out. The Grand Old Lady herself, the HMS Warspite. So he’s now my British BB captain and currently at the helm of the Queen Elizabeth. :slight_smile:

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