The Expanse

Thought there was an Expanse thread here.
Guess I’m getting old and forgetful. :older_man:

Anyhoo, for those who cut the cord:
Season 3 will be on Amazon Prime mid-November.

Season 4 is filming and is looking to be a Prime exclusive.
Should be interesting the number of pay to view items in the next
few years. With Disney, CBS, and Universal pulling from Netflix.


Nice. My hubby will be happy to watch a new season. :sunglasses:
We cut the cord a few years ago now.

This is such a great show and I’m glad it was picked up. Too good not to know what happens to the belters!

There was a video interview somewhere that mentioned they started filming again in September. My tinfoil hat suspects book 8 was pushed back to March, 2019 to tie together with Amazon marketing - and hopefully a 2nd quarter 2019 release for season 4.

So Newsweek stated Amazon said it’s not coming in November.

I’m going to annoy a CSR and see what’s up since it’s still on the prime page.

They’ll probably tell you the generic line, “It’s just a placeholder.” :roll_eyes:

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Well i pointed out the sales page is still up which constitutes
fraud to anyone that renews or signs up for prime since the 15th.

They went quiet and had me hold for a few minutes then gave me a 10$ credit.
I’ll get some really good Oolong tea with it and chill with SG-1 and a few
of the decent anime on prime they just released the past two months too.

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Small heads up. In case it was missed;
Season 3 was part of the Feb lineup.
It’s “free” to watch on Prime now.

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That got a cheer from my hubby. Thanks @Poetry!

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Just a tiny bit of unhealthy level of binge…
ok perhaps a lot. All I can say is wow.
Those idiots wanted to cancel this? Just
when it was getting great?

Ready the Power Armor in case this is
tried again after season 4.


sigh 13 episodes is too short a season. Looking forward to season 4 now.


Just finished binging all the way back from season 1. Even if four gets canned, I enjoyed the end of season three. It would have been a satisfying show ending in my opinion. Might have to pick up the books now.

I seem to remember reading a series a very long time ago that had similarities to this. Something about a mysterious alien transport system that was a gamble to use since no one knew how to work it for sure. Something like Heechee or other. Need to go google it. I seem to recall the last book I read they discovered these aliens had also disappeared because something even bigger and more menacing was after them.

Gateway by Frederik Pohl
It won just about every award at the time. The third book in in the series
was Heechee Rendezvous. Which might be what you’re remembering.

Leftover gateways by ancient races, black hole and wormhole travel
were all of his creations and themes in this series. It’s a little dated now
but the writing is still strong, and it’s nice to see the origins of a many
tropes and ideas used later.

As for season 4; it has a release date of “Late 2019” and is still filming.
It’ll be released whole parcel, as streaming season are nowadays.
So something to watch that quiet time between holidays.

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Yes, that was it. Just started reading it again. I originally picked these up back when Science Fiction and Fantasy book club was in it’s prime.


I have just started watching the first season. I love it already.


Thanks for the info. Fantastic show!

Wow. Just finished. Season three was just the
beginning, and syfy wanted to make it the end?

No spoilers. Just glad the writers are part of the
development team for season 4. I like the little changes
they made from the books to keep viewers on their
toes in the first 3. Now, gimme 4. Gimme!

Oh and thanks for the shiny new tags. :+1:

Can’t wait … gotta catch up on Season 3 and we might just restart it to catch everything we missed (i.e. slept through :wink: )

Book 8 just came out Tuesday. I’m still working my way through book 7 on my pre-release whole series re-read. Got slogged down in Book 6 - Marco is so stereotypical overly machismo arch it’s just painful to listen to. Re-reading the books has been good just to see the wider story with Bull and other deleted characters back and Aversalala not being Aversalala-lite.

For the Amazon’s season 4, my mental image of Murty was more Stephen Lang-ish than Burn Gorman, but he might be great in the role too…we’ll see. I’ve seen things saying Amazon’s season 4 is not going to follow book 4 directly - more similar to what they did with The Hobbit adding in The Battle of 5 Armies storyline as well. So quite a bit of non-book back on Earth/Mars/Belt new material.

Yes! The writers call it, ‘our second chance to get it “write” and
get practice writing screenplays.’
They also use all the shorts and comic additions. Such as the
Wired series and the graphic novels. Which oddly enough the
novels don’t all use as cannon.