The Dragon Rise Event : Thursday, October 3, at 10:00AM EDT - Monday, October 14, at 10:00AM EDT

The Dragon Rise Event kicks off today - Grab your event tickets while you can. This event is a little different…it requires all Elsweyr players to complete objectives to fill a meter so that all can benefit from the rewards.

Three exclusive rewards up for grabs:

  • Green Dragon Imp pet
  • Grim Harvester Costume
  • Dragon’s Treasure Trove furnishing
  • plus a series of lootable bags that provide all kinds of amazing items, including a new target dummy

Steps to complete for rewards:

  • Explore Elsweyr and get the Northern Elsweyr Pathfinder achievement
  • Kill a dragon! to unlock zone-wide xp boost
  • Complete the Dragonhold prologue quests (starting Oct 8) to unlock xp and gold bonuses.

Progress toward rewards:
Check everyone’s progress here:
We’re already at 38%, so we’ve unlocked the Green Dragon Imp pet ! :dragon:

#SlayDragonsSaveCats campaign:
**Additionally, use this opportunity to support the #SlayDragonsSaveCats campaign. For every 5 dragons killed through Dec 9, Bethesda will donate $1 to a pet charity. **

Loot Boxes:

  • Each dragon or Elsweyr boss killed during this time has the chance of dropping a loot box with gear, style pages, and more.

Elsweyr on Sale until Oct 8:

  • If you don’t have Elsweyr, now is a good time to buy, as it’s 50% off until Oct 8. Hurry before you miss the sale!

The Dragonhold Prologue quests:

  • Live on Tuesday, October 8, at 10:00AM EDT. Because it’s part of the base game, you don’t need to have owned or completed any of the previous Chapter or DLCs to check them out.

Did you say something about Event Tickets?!

  • During the Dragon Rise event, all regular monsters in the Northern Elsweyr zone have a rare chance to drop Event Tickets when defeated. However, should you slay a boss monster in the same zone, an Event Ticket drop is guaranteed! Because it’s located in Northern Elsweyr, this includes the final boss in the Moongrave Fane dungeon! Don’t forget to loot everything you defeat. You can earn two Event Tickets this way each day of the event.


  • Finally, every time you spend Event Tickets you’ve earned by doing in-game events (and not purchased directly from the Crown Store), you’ll earn bonus entries into the Season of the Dragon Sweepstakes, up to a maximum of 10! Check out the #SlayDragonsSaveCats page for more information on the Sweepstakes and its prizes, and view the official rules here.


See you in Elsweyr, friend!

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The rewards from the Dragon Rise Event are now available in the Crown Store. Check under Special Offers to find the FREE bundle.

It includes 10 crates, an imp pet, costume, and furnishing.