The door opens. Giskard enters. ENTER YOUR COMMAND:

(oh, wait, I’m in the wrong game…)

Greetings! I’m a fresh off the boat member of OTG, and just wanted to stop by the Pantheon forum to introduce myself.

My name is Giskard, and I’ve been playing video games since the Pong console came out back in the 70’s (and if that doesn’t qualify me as an old timer, I don’t know what does!). My favorite genre is MMORPG’s, and I’ve played all the major ones, including WoW, ESO, GW2, BDO, and FFXIV.

Hands down, by far the game I’ve sunk the most time into has been vanilla WoW - WotLK. I LOVE classic WoW, because I got to experience the community aspects of the game with an awesome Horde guild called Champions of Azeroth (later Requiem). In addition to dungeon crawling and raiding together, we did things like having jumping contests from the platforms in Shattrath City, fishing together on a lazy Sunday afternoon for raid consummables, and sneaking into Stormwind to cause mischief.

Sadly, people drifted away from the guild due to drama and the design choices from Blizzard that eroded the community aspects of the game. In Cataclysm, I realized that I just wasn’t having fun anymore, and I left WoW. I’ve tried so many other MMO’s, and while I’ve had fun in each of them, nothing gave me the feels that I experienced in WoW.

I’d just about given up hope on MMO’s until the search algorithms at YouTube delivered a video about Pantheon. I did some research, and what I saw piqued my interest: here is a game that is being designed from the ground up with the community aspects as a priority. A challenging game, with slower paced combat. I am VERY excited to play this game, and pledged to the level that allows me access to Alpha testing.

When I’m not gaming, I’m spending time with my wife (who also games with me!) and two teenage daughters (who sadly do NOT game, but I’m still holding out hope). I also have a needy Golden Retriever who sits under my desk when I game, and pops up like a groundhog to alert me when Her Majesty needs something (I always imagine her with Goldie Hawn’s voice from the movie “Overboard”, where she says “I almost had to wait!”).

I live in Humble, TX (part of the Greater Houston Megacity), which is in Central time zone. Oh, and I can juggle (not that this is useful in gaming, but it sure does impress my dog!)

I’m looking forward to meeting each of you and getting to know you better, then eventually gaming together in Pantheon.


Welcome :slight_smile:

There are plenty of MMOs that OTG supports or is involved in, so come join us in Discord if you haven’t already and flip through the categories to see if something else might interest you as well!

Also trying to remember where I know the guild Requiem from… I’m almost certain I’ve dealt with them in my WoW past. Funny that.

New World will have a big OTG launch and ESO is still played by OTG. WoW and I’m pretty sure LOTRO still has players. Me, I’m about to get in bed with the new Pathfinder game.

Thanks @Splutty for the welcome! I’ll be setting up OTG on Discord later today after work.

I played WoW on the Scilla PvP server. I’m pretty sure that there was a Requiem guild on every server, but if you were on Scilla, the guild leader of Champions of Azeroth was a troll warrior named Ralsha. We later merged with Requiem, headed by an undead warlock named Tetrahesis. At one point in time, we were one of the top raiding guilds on the server. Other guildies I remember were Mooberry (druid), Spidermonkey (rogue), Voodoolady (priest), Vidat (mage), and Draelor (warlock). Great group of people, and so much fun to game with. I was fortunate when Classic WoW released two years ago to reunite with several of them, and relive the glory days of vanilla WoW. Good times…

Hey @zeek, nice to meet ya’! Since you have a longhorn avatar, can I assume that you are a University of Texas grad?

My wife and I will definitely be checking out New World when it (hopefully) launches later this month. I’m expecting to play it for a month or two, then move on to other games. From what I’ve heard, the combat is Dark Souls-ish (which is a good thing, as I absolutely love Dark Souls). I just don’t know if there’s enough there to scratch that MMO itch for long.

At the moment, I’m actually playing EverQuest (project 1999 - green). Somehow, I missed out on this game, and have decided to remedy that gap on my gaming resume. Once I got over the atrocious graphics and clunky UI, I actually liked it. The game fosters a community experience like I haven’t seen since my vanilla WoW days. I’m hoping that since Brad McQuaid designed both EQ and Pantheon that Pantheon will have a similar vibe when it releases.

As for Pathfinder, I’ve played Pathfinder Adventures on my phone. Is the new one an MMO? I’ve actually never heard of it.

Welcome, Giskard. I may bump into you in WoW some time, if you play Alliance. I hope you make many new friends here!

Hi Giscard I know nothing about pantheon but am hoping to become involved in New World real soon. I personally am in Tulsa but have several friends in the Houston area that i get together with on a semi regular basis. I hope that you get to reestablish your feeling of community, and believe that OTG is a great venue for doing that.

Hey @mosselyn, thanks for the warm welcome! I only occasionally play WoW anymore, on the Classic - Grobbulus server. I’m Horde (lvl 60 Hunter), so if I bump into you, it’s probably because we’re fighting lol!

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Hey @MarKhan , nice to meet you! Maybe we’ll run into each other in New World. So if you see a Giskard running around falling off of high places, it’s probably me.