The Division 2 System Requirements

Ubisoft specifically Massive Games seem to being making the point that they are not side tracking PC gamers. In this video they showcase some of the technology, and the article details the system specs required.

My i7 5820K CPU is apparently starting to show it’s age per these specs. Oh well. I still think it will do just fine in 21:9 gameplay.

No steam launch WTF !?!? really getting tired of all these companies having there own platform to run the game.

In this case, they are among the companies partnering with Epic’s new game store. Epic is taking a smaller cut from developers than Valve does with Steam, so I honestly won’t be surprised to see more of this happening.

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I pre-ordered straight from Ubisoft via UPlay. I did The first game through Steam and it was rather annoying to have to have both Steam and UPlay running to play it; until I realized I can bypass Steam and just run it from UPlay directly. So this time I just bypassed Steam altogether and bought it straight from the publisher. As for the Epic game store, I see no point in that whatsoever; it’s probably the worst digital game store I have ever seen and has no games that interest me so far.

@Daveon My i7 860 played it fairly well at 1080p during the testing phases; if they continue optimizing I might actually play it on my PC instead of my XBox One X. Your 5820K is not even close to showing its age; trust me.

Yeah, the private beta played just fine with this CPU in the end.

My fps is actually really good, though I’m on low settings. The issue I have is stuttering from the hdd. I think my 8GB of RAM is too low for this game, and Windows starts doing the virtual RAM thing after playing for a while, because after a couple of hours of playing I start getting a lot more hdd activity and bad stuttering while stuff loads in as I move around the map. 16GB RAM and an SSD would do wonders.

I ran the benchmark from the main menu of the game; my average fps was over 100. CPU and GPU were both average over 80%. I could see as the benchmark went along there were a few times the CPU was over 100% (Intel turbo burst or whatever they call it), and I think the minimum was like 80%.

I tried this game on my XBox One, and OMG it is so painful to play a shooter like that with a controller, even with aim assist. When I play on the console I have to play for shorter times due to the rage buildup. Now that XBox has in-game mouse support, I hope they add support for it to The Division 2 soon.