The division 2 open beta announcement

“We are happy to announce that the Open Beta for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will be running from March 1st through March 4th! More information is coming soon, but for the latest news about the Open Beta, please visit our Beta page.

I really hope that they will let us make clans so we can test and see what all the clan system will offer… I did peek inside the clan room and seen a big stash box. I hope it is a clan stash box, most likely just another personal stash box

Clan stash box seems logical but that’d be giving them too much credit. I’m sure it’ll be something you can happily buy with DivisionBucks (patent pending).

DivisionBucks….yes that will be a thing haha

Clan info:


Lastly, players who complete certain tasks in the Open Beta will unlock in-game rewards accessible in the full game. Anyone who participates in the Beta will unlock the DC Patriot weapon skin and Capitol Hill backpack trophy. Complete the endgame Invaded mission and the Dark Zone East introduction mission, and you’ll earn the Capitol Hill arm patch and Supply Crate backpack trophy, respectively.


Pre-Load of the Beta is now live. If you participated in the recent Technical Testing, it just updates your icon if you left it installed.

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I’m going to try some of this open beta and give it the go, not a FPS guy though. I tend to suck at dodging/shooter.

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Me either ben but i surprisingly liked it. Just remember to always use yoir cover and time your attacks

I’m gonna play a little bit of the beta this weekend, but not much because I want the stuff to be fresh and new to me when it launches. I’m tempted to play the crap out of it this weekend, but I have other games that are woefully neglected to finish still. Just gonna save most of it for the launch. I gotta at least do the stuff for the trophy/rewards of course.

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I KNOW it’s beta but I can’t stop myself from looting everything! Gah. I need help.


I’m the same way. Played 90 minutes and just got to the theater. Got alot of cool guns to play with though…

hehe I cant either

Don’t forget to unlock the level 30 characters and play the invaded mission to supposedly get a special arm-patch.