The Depths

So 3 of us who play together frequently are looking for 2 more to run the Depths
we have not run this before, so it would be a slow run. We like to take our time, and we don’t mind several group wipes per session within reason…
Looking for 1 tank and 1 dps. or 2 dps
looking forward to seeing you there!

I am Oscar Wao (60) in game and happy to DPS. The last boss has a pretty significant DPS check.

I might be a bit over-geared for what you want, but hit me up in game if not.

Do you know when you are looking to try to get this done? If you can’t find someone level appropriate feel free to check to see if I am online (same name in game and discord). I can tank it for you if need be I can drag my wife along who heals and run you guys through on separate runs. Just have to be a day and time we don’t have a run already scheduled.

probably looking at doing this next week, on a weekday, but I have to check with the other person who is definitly coming