The Day before USA Thanksgiving

I just wanted to say thank you to each of you for being part of The Old Timers. We have a great guild and I love seeing it in action. Thank you from one of your Canadians!

aka Taff

eep! Forgot The Hug! From afar, that is!


*** Hugs for Teh Hugbug! ***

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:yeahthat: …and back to you as well!!! :grinning:

You’re welcome. FYI, how do I get a 10 year tag?

Ten year tag is available once you reach 10 years as a member with OTG. As you can see from my note I joined OTG on Feb 13, 2010 which means as of this past February, I reached that 10 year mark. But you may need to ask for the tag. I did and once the admins verified my start date, I was awarded it.

Will have to remember to wish Taff a Happy Thanksgiving next year on Oct 11… She goes out of her way to give us thanks and Hugs and we forgot the people to the north also have a Thanksgiving.

Also, as for the 10 year badge, theres a thread someplace in the forums about it. Your best bet is to bug admins there for a looksie into your age in the guild. Note, they may have to cut you in half and examine the rings to see if you have at least 10.

That, or you get a nifty title for bugging them about it like I did so long ago :slight_smile:

I joined in 2008.

Ohoooo…you need to ask for your 10 year badge then. Go to this page and ask for it.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Happy days and big hugs to you @Taff. :sunflower:

Great, thank you.