The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

This one has been taking it’s time. I was at first thinking this was a bad thing as many designs that were originally Henson projects, created after his passing, have been often imperfect. The cast list, some of the plot outlines, and budget numbers released recently has me thinking it’s taking a while because so much effort and money is being put into it.

The Librarian - Toby Jones

The Chamberlain - Simon Pegg

Cadia - Eddie Izzard


Madura Fara - Lena Headey

Onica- Natalie Dormer

Tavra - Catriona Balfe

In case you missed it the first go around~

Almost forgot:

Baffi - David Goezl

OMG…I remember The Dark Crystal story. I watched it with my sons back in the 80s. We had such a good time. I was mesmerized by the intricacies in the story and art that I watched it several times just to understand all the great things presented.

SWEET!! is the original available to stream on any of the services out there?

Netflix has it for sure right now.
It was on Amazon Prime winter-spring. Not sure about now.

I should have looked before I asked, quick search on netflix and I got it. which is odd because I normally can’t find anything on the streaming services.

Thanks for sharing! I was in love with Brian Froud’s art as a child and loved his Faerie books. It’s great to see this being revisited.

Not bad.
Three episodes in and it has the right feeling,
but not hitting the mark for me yet. Any other
folks have thoughts?

Neat article about foley.
Has a bit about Dark Crystal in there.