The Daily Daily

I’m always running across new tidbits here and there. Today I just discovered that you get a 2x credit bonus on the first mission played after the daily reset.

So I wanted to confirm (since I find conflicting results via Google) whether the Index gets the bonus or not? If Index is a no is the best thing to do as the first mission a DS Survival, or is there something better to get the most bang for that single time credit boost?

Yes, but only the first round of Index. So if you are doing the Medium Risk you’ll get 175,000 x 2 for the first round. If you continue you’ll only get the 175,000 for the second round.

If you have a 2 x Credit Boost, the first mission bonus is applied additively, so you’ll get 175k x 2 + 175k x 2. If there is a double credit weekend it applies multiplicitively to a credit booster, but only additively to the first mission bonus, IE: 175k x 4 (booster * double credit) + 175k (from the first mission bonus).

I tested it out over the weekend and it doesn’t seem to work anymore. I have a credit doubler on.

Did Low Risk and ended up with 30K + 70K x 2. So either the daily double didn’t work or the credit doubler didn’t count. Will try it again eventually once my credit doubler expires.